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Vancouver – Yellow tape of the Canadian Police, officers in and in front of the building …

Shortly before, a brutal knife attack had taken place here in the Lynn Valley Library and its surroundings in the Canadian metropolis of Vancouver on Saturday. Six people were injured and one person died.

The attacker, who apparently acted alone, was arrested, the police announced on Saturday (local time) in the online service Twitter. There is no longer any danger to the public.

According to an eyewitness, the perpetrator stabbed people indiscriminately. The identity of the victims has not yet been clarified. “It’s a shock to everyone, including the police themselves,” said Chang.

The Canadian broadcaster CTV showed a video of the attacker’s arrest. He apparently stabbed himself in the leg before collapsing and being arrested by several police officers.
An eyewitness told the Canadian broadcaster that the perpetrator was also taken away in an ambulance after his arrest. The local police had shot him with rubber bullets.

The library and the surrounding area were cordoned off for several hours after the knife attackFoto: JENNIFER GAUTHIER/REUTERS

Eyewitness Sheila Dyson told CTV that the attacker apparently did not know his victims, but stabbed people indiscriminately. Andrew Cocking, who lives around 500 meters from the library, told the AFP news agency that he saw rescue workers taking care of the injured. “It was sad, especially since one of the victims was apparently a child,” he said. “It’s sad that these people were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

North Vancouver Mayor Mike Little said, “Lynn Valley and North Vancouver is a quiet community where members are closely connected. When an incident like this happens in our community we love, it is deeply disturbing. “

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Library Vancouver injured dead knife attack News


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