Lidl: Attention, important change at the checkout! Customers will notice


Lidl: Attention, important change at the checkout! Customers will notice

March 5th, 2021 at 6:41 am

Lidl: The success story of the discounter

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Some Lidl-Customers may have already noticed: There has been an innovation at the checkout since this month. The discounter has upgraded its cash registers. And for a good reason.

Followed with change Lidl a special goal, environmental protection. But Lidl customers on the net are still skeptical about the whole thing.

And that’s what it’s about:

Lidl: An important change at the checkout – customers will notice

The discounter announced on its Facebook page: “We’ve been blue since March 1st.” This means a change to the receipt paper. Lidl namely wants this “gradually in all Lidl– branches “to switch to blue eco-friendly paper. Because: “The environment is very important to us.”

+++ Lidl puzzles Facebook – the discounter would not have expected this solution +++

The blue paper is “not only more sustainable and legible for longer”, but can also simply be disposed of in the waste paper. In addition, Lidl asked for the opinion of its customers.

However, they would like to do without the receipts completely. Many Facebook users share the same opinion and comment:

  • “I think it’s stupid when I scan my purchase via the app and have left the receipt there that I still get a receipt at the checkout. You should possibly retrofit. “
  • “I think it’s great. But it would be even better if you could choose whether the receipt should be printed out. I know we have to pay a receipt, but if people don’t want it or they have it in the app anyway. That would be great and save a lot. “
  • “That’s a great idea. However, it would make much more sense to convert the POS devices so that the receipt only comes out on request. This is an endless waste of paper – in all supermarkets. I absolutely cannot understand that. “
  • “We never take the receipt with us because everything is available via the app. But in itself a good thing. It would be nice if all the packaging waste for fruit etc. could be saved .. “
  • “Edeka has been doing it this way for a long time. I think it’s good, but that’s a thing that can be read longer – especially when it’s wet. Our branches already have it. It would be cool if there were no receipts at all when scanning via the app. “

Lidl’s approach is based on the recommendation of the Federal Environment Agency

In fact, the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) recommends that receipts from the cash registers be saved electronically and sent to the customers’ mobile phones or to their homes.


More news too Lidl:


Since a receipt has been mandatory in Germany since January 1, 2020, the UBA is in favor of color developer-free thermal papers – i.e. papers free from the presumably harmful bisphenol S – since such papers are unlikely to have any negative effects on the environment or paper recycling. Lidl wants to take a decisive step towards sustainability.

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Lidl Attention important change checkout Customers notice


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