Lidl receipt causes double annoyance: the back side knocks out the bottom of the barrel


A Lidl customer puts his receipt in his jacket pocket after paying. When he took it out again just a few minutes later, the note seemed to have aged by years.

Leipzig – Not only crumpled, but also covered with black streaks: This is what the receipt from a stunned Lidl customer looked like, who had stowed the receipt in his jacket after shopping. The reason for the massive change in a short time is likely to be the blue thermal paper that the discounters Lidl and Kaufland have recently been using to print their receipts. The idea behind the blue receipts: In contrast to white receipts, the dark thermal paper is produced without chemical color developers and should therefore make a contribution to environmental protection. The gentle alternative has also been around for a long time in Edeka and Netto stores.

New receipts at Lidl: environmental receipt causes trouble

Despite the ecological ulterior motive, the blue receipt is not only a source of joy. The Lidl customer with the Knitter-Bon immediately posts his discovery on Twitter and annoyedly subtitles the picture of the almost illegible note with the words: “’For long legibility.’ Even if it looks a hundred years old, I got this receipt a few minutes ago at Lidl. A new type of receipt that you shouldn’t just crumble into your jacket pocket so carelessly. ”He makes it clear what bothers him:“ Abolish legibility! For the environment…”

In fact, it says on the back of the note that it is “durable” because the writing should be light and color-fast. Nevertheless, the note looks worn out after his stay in his pocket. Prints on thermal paper are not changed by exposure to light, but by the influence of heat: the blue layer of the receipts peel off when it gets warm, revealing the black underneath. When printing, this happens in a targeted manner and only the text that is actually wanted is exposed – the color in the Lidl customer’s jacket pocket could now have unintentionally loosened.

Blue vouchers at Lidl: “You haven’t heard the bang yet”

Copying the Lidl receipts also causes displeasure

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Another Twitter user draws attention to another shortcoming of the receipts: When he tried to copy his proof of payment for the tax office, it looked bleak for him: The receipt was only displayed in dark shades of gray. Next to a picture of the copy attempt he writes: “Thank you Lidl. You haven’t heard the bang yet. ”So maybe the two annoyed note holders will soon prefer to use a digital version of the receipt that the discounter is offering in its app – for which it recently advertised with a spectacular diss video. (I)

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Lidl receipt double annoyance side knocks bottom barrel


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