Liendl on Feldhofer-Aus: “For me it was never a power struggle”


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After the 4-0 win at SV Ried, WAC captain Michael Liendl speaks about the game and the turbulent last few weeks that ended with the resignation of coach Ferdinand Feldhofer.

“A lot of things have been written that are not true. We never left training early. It is also a fact that there was one problem or another, we don’t even have to discuss that away. But it is also crucial that we have celebrated many successes together, ”said the WAC veteran.

When asked about the much-cited “power struggle” with coach Feldhofer, Liendl said: “Not from my side. I don’t see why we should have a power struggle. We both tried to do our best for the club. The coach made the decision that I don’t always play. The fact is that I’m a player who can’t always understand that – especially when I look at the performances I’ve brought this season. ”

Video: Liendl increases to 2-0 with a penalty

Video contains product placements

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Liendl FeldhoferAus power struggle


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