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Lilly Becker topless: “Yes, I would like to fall in love again!”

After separating from Boris Becker, Lilly Becker is looking for a partner again. The 44-year-old told the magazine “Bunte” (Wednesday edition) that you date men whom you meet on online platforms.

“I think now the time has come when I could let a man into my life again permanently. Yes, I would like to fall in love again!” She could also imagine a later marriage.

“Loyalty and Good Sex”

Your new partner should not only be honest and loyal, but also convince with good and passionate sex, Becker told the magazine. Over the past few months, she and friends have looked at candidates on popular dating platforms. “And then I just meet them, during the day, mostly while walking our dog. That’s all you can do in lockdown anyway.” Since separating from Boris Becker in May 2018, Lilly Becker is said to be single.

“Topless” photo on the beach

The Becker ex knows what her fans like: For her new Instagram posting, she dropped her covers and posed “topless” on the beach, only her hands covering her breasts. “Sunday should be started with a pure heart. No doubts, no tears, no fear, no worries,” says the model. And not only her fans are enthusiastic, TV celebrity Jenny Elvers also commented on the picture with “Hot!”

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Lilly Becker dating posing topless Stars


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