Lilly Becker reveals her intimate confession: Sex with women?


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Intimate confession from Lilly Becker (44)! The Dutch model chatted openly about sex on Instagram. And she also revealed her ideas of a potential dream man to her fans.

  • Lilli Becker reveals an intimate confession
  • Lilly Becker can imagine having sex with women
  • In the Instagram question and answer session, Lilly Becker chats openly about sex

Lilly Becker has 123,000 subscribers (as of March 24, 2021) on Instagram – some of them dared to answer the particularly intimate questions. And even got answers.

Lilly Becker: Intimate confession on Instagram

For nine years (2009-2018) Lilly Becker was married to tennis legend Boris Becker. She’s been officially single since the split – but the model knows exactly what she wants.

“Honest, loyal, he should love my soul, make nonsense with me, feed me all the time (…) and have good, deep, explosive sex with me!” Is her answer to a fan question.

Lilly Becker can imagine having sex with women

Another fan wanted to know if Lilly Becker could imagine having sex with women. The Dutchwoman: “We are beautiful creatures with a deep soul, so of course.”

Once in a good mood, the beautiful 44-year-old opened her sewing box. She is reluctant to be single, which is why she is on several dating apps. Younger men? Why not. One-Night-Stands and Friendship-Plus-Relationships? Not excluded.

Lilly Becker answered questions from her followers in an open, direct and powerful manner. Also, when someone brought a date into play, he replied with a laugh: “I’m ready, just take me out.”

A real date – that’s what many singles are longing for in Corona times. Lilly Becker herself asked the lesbian “tiktok” star Ria Demiri for one last summer.

Lilly Becker kissed colleague while filming

By the way, Lilly Becker has already kissed a woman. While filming the series “Dahoam is Dahoam” (Bayerischer Rundfunk), she kissed an acting colleague. Becker at the time: “We had to repeat the scene five or six times. My colleague had beautiful, soft lips. ”She also said:“ I am open to everything and everyone, because I believe in the law of attraction. ”

And that is just independent of gender. (sku)

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Lilly Becker reveals intimate confession Sex women


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