Long-Covid: hearing loss and tinnitus after Covid-19 illness? New symptoms discovered


Researchers have now presented a study that shows that corona patients can also have problems with their ears. Tinnitus, dizziness and hearing loss could be long-covid consequences (symbol image).

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Even months after the corona infection, many people struggle with long-term consequences. Apparently, researchers have now discovered another long covid symptom.

  • It is already known that some Corona* Patients often have to struggle with long-term consequences for months.
  • Researchers now have a possible new one Long-Covid-Symptom discovered.
  • Corona News *: One Corona infection could therefore affect the Hearing ability to have.

Kassel – Some people who attend Corona who were ill report weeks and months after their recovery from Long-term consequences the disease. Many different organs can be affected. Among other things, the lungs, the heart, the nervous system, the kidneys, the intestines and the brain. The latter can lead to even mild Covid-19 disease courses neurological consequences can occur, such as smell disorders, concentration problems and even brain inflammation. These symptoms, although they can differ greatly in their type and severity, are summarized as Long-Covid*, i.e. long-lasting corona.

In a meta-analysis of 56 studies, two scientists now have a possible further Long-Covid-Symptom discovered about the former Corona sufferers complain. Focus reports on the analysis of two researchers from the University of Manchester, Ibrahim Almufarrij and Kevin J. Munro, and refers to their article, which was published on Monday (03/22/2021) in International Journal of Audiology has been published.

Hearing Loss, Tinnitus, Dizziness – Possibly Long Covid Symptoms?

The news portal quotes Munro as follows: “In the past few months I have received countless emails from people who have reported changes in their hearing or Tinnitus to Covid-19 reported. “So there is an urgent need to understand the long-term effects of Covid-19 to examine more closely the auditory system, i.e. human hearing and the organs responsible for it.

The two scientists then looked for publications in which Crown-Patiënten complain of certain symptoms, such as Hearing impairment, Tinnitus and inner ear-related dizziness. In 56 studies that relate to patient surveys and evaluated patient files, Munro and Almufarrij encountered such symptoms.

Study result: tinnitus has worsened in corona patients

14.8 percent of the Crown-Patiënten would have reported that you Tinnitus worsened or reappeared. At 7.6 percent that should be Hearing ability have deteriorated. According to Munro and Almufarrij, this hearing loss is mostly abrupt and affects both Ears. But there were also few cases in which the hearing loss gradually set in and developed or only affects one ear.

Pathogen Sars-Cov-2
illness Covid-19

On one Vertigocaused by disturbed functions of the Inner ear is triggered, suffered according to the study 7.2 percent. It is therefore also interesting that these hearing impairments have occurred both in patients with a severe course and in those with a mild course. Based on these results, the two researchers assume that the coronavirus is also the Hearing can affect.

Long Covid Symptom: The cause of potential hearing loss has not yet been clarified

The scientists can answer unequivocally aloud Focus not why this Hearing impairment occur. There are several mechanisms that could trigger such an impairment. On the one hand, it is conceivable that Sars-Cov-2 direct inflammation on the auditory nerve or in Inner ear trigger. On the other hand, a reaction of the Immune system on the virus to one inflammation lead in the hearing aid. In addition, a Autoimmune reaction cause misdirected attacks by immune cells on tissue in the ear.

The researchers can therefore not rule out that the Hearing loss or the glitches on a Circulatory disorder should be attributed. “The cochlea and auditory canals do not have an additional, alternative blood supply, so they are largely prone to circulatory disorders,” Munro and Almufarrij explain aloud Focus. That this Coronavirus can disrupt blood clotting and Thrombosis could trigger is already known.

Long-Covid: Hearing disorders of corona patients should be examined more closely

To see the possible connection between a Covid-19 disease and the Hearing impairment To understand better, more detailed investigations are needed. So far it is still unclear whether the Hearing changes Go back directly to Covid-19 or other factors like treatment or that immune system, says Munro. Despite the “alarming numbers”, the data is too thin for that. We now need studies that systematically compare the Covid 19 cases with control persons.

It is already known that others Virus infections like measles, mumps, or meningitis can affect hearing in some cases. (Sandra Boehm) * hna.de is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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