Long Covid in Children – Fight for Recognition and Therapy – Germany


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                                Too weak for kindergarten and sports: Children and adolescents can also suffer from long-term consequences of a corona infection.  Two mothers talk about the search for the right treatment.




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                                    That Nicole Fuchs and her family even found out that they were infected with Corona was due to Christmas.  They had invited the grandparents.  As a precaution, Fuchs' husband had himself tested on December 23.  To everyone's surprise, the result was positive.  Fuchs remained calm anyway.  "I thought my husband and myself were too young and too fit to get seriously ill. And it was always said of children that Corona can do little to them."  Fuchs' husband coughed a little, her two-year-old daughter once felt hot at night, and the four-year-old complained of a sore throat one morning.  "She had already forgotten about it after breakfast," says Fuchs.  "We felt very fit."  That is why she was amazed when the corona tests that she and her daughters took on December 30th were positive.<br/>The turning point came at the beginning of January.  "When I lifted my younger daughter out of bed one morning, she was cold and white as a sheet."  The next day her temperature was elevated.  "That is still the case today," says Fuchs.  She smiles at that.  She often does that when she speaks.  She is 33, a sports and remedial teacher and lives with her family in a converted farmhouse in the outskirts of Halle.  In the morning, her husband had to drive their two-year-old daughter to the hospital.  She had a seizure.  "We now know that Corona is a vascular disease," says Fuchs.  "Has something happened to the vessels in your head? I have no idea."<br/>Even months after an infection, children can suffer from symptoms

The girl has not been better since January. That is why Nicole Fuchs has agreed to report on her illness, for which there is no diagnosis, only one suspicion: Long Covid. Condition: The daughters first names are not mentioned.
“It’s hard to see your children so weakly and to know that they will become chronic …


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Long Covid Children Fight Recognition Therapy Germany


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