Loose corona rules: Scholz: Treat vaccinated people like tested people


Loose corona rules
Scholz: Treat vaccinated people like tested people

So far, around 2.2 million people in Germany have received full protection against Covid-19. That corresponds to only a fraction of the population. Nevertheless, Finance Minister Scholz pleads for a new way of dealing with immunized persons. Your everyday life should be made easier.
Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz wants to quickly loosen current restrictions due to the corona crisis for vaccinated people. “I can well imagine that the vaccination certificate can be used like a negative rapid test. Vaccinated people get access to all those places that are otherwise only accessible with a rapid test,” he told the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”.

Scholz referred to initial studies that suggested that vaccinated people may no longer transmit the disease and thus do not pose a risk of infection. There are currently indications that visits to theaters, cinemas or beer gardens, depending on the regional infection rate, may be possible again in the foreseeable future – but with a daily corona test.

Scholz justified this with the fact that the Corona restrictions deeply encroached on the rights of citizens. Such deep interventions against the individual are justified as long as there is a serious reason for it. “That also means that the faster we progress with the vaccination, the more we will regain our usual everyday life bit by bit,” said the SPD politician.

Most recently, the number of Covid 19 vaccine doses administered in Germany rose to more than 6.6 million. According to the Robert Koch Institute, the rate of first vaccinations is now just under 5.28 percent and that of second vaccinations is 2.66 percent – this corresponds to more than 2.2 million fully vaccinated people. The currently vaccinated preparations are only fully vaccinated after two vaccinations. To do this, the second dose has to be injected about three weeks after the first. The progress of vaccination varies significantly depending on the federal state: According to the RKI, 3.4 percent in Rhineland-Palatinate have already received a second vaccination, and 2.2 percent in Lower Saxony.

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Loose corona rules Scholz Treat vaccinated people tested people


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