“Love Island”: grenade alarm puts Adrianos couple plan in danger (PHOTO)


Munich (ots)

  • Timon, Leo or Chris – which grenades convince the islanders?
  • Adrianos Final-Plan mit Emilia
  • First fun then stress: The “crazy” challenge
  • “Love Island”, today March 24, 2021, at 10.15 p.m. on RTLZWEI

Adriano apparently wants to go to the final at all costs. However, he is currently missing a couple. Emilia from Munich cleverly convinces them that they are the ideal “Full Circle Moment” purpose couple. What the 26-year-old doesn’t know: three male grenades, who date all Icelandic women in a beach club in the evening, could thwart his plans properly. Even with the “Crazy” challenge, things didn’t go so well for him, because the users think he just wanted to be famed with “Love Island”.

Adrianos “Fucking Full Circle Moment” mit Emilia

Adriano is worried. How can he make it to the final? “From Friday only the couples who are in the final will be in the villa”, Adriano shares his thoughts with Emilia. Like him, the blonde would have little chance of a real couple at the next pairing ceremony. “When it comes to Emilia, I already feel in the role of protector. I am totally aware of my social responsibility towards Emilia,” said do-gooder Adriano in the beach hut. But Adriano already has a plan and for that he needs an accomplice. “I just thought of something funny: Full Circle Moment Alarm”, he gives himself to Emilia spontaneously. “The only person with whom I would form a purpose couple would be you. That would really be THE ‘Fucking Full Circle Moment’ that ‘Love Island’ ever had to offer,” he suggests to the 21-year-old quite selflessly in front. It is of course pure coincidence that he saves his very best from being thrown out. But what if Emilia falls in love with a new grenade? Is his entry into the final in danger or does Adriano already have a plan B?

Flirty Beach Club date with three new grenades

The six Islanders leave the villa in the evening, secretly and freshly styled. It’s going to a beach club date. They will hit three hot grenades there: Timon (27, owner of a protein café from Düsseldorf), Chris (29, project manager from Schongau) and Leo (25, event technician from Cologne). The joy of getting to know each other is huge, especially with Emilia and Finn Emma, ​​who have not yet really given their hearts in the villa. And so there is also a lot of flirting right away. But only two grenades will be allowed to come into the villa after the date. The Icelandic women decide who it will be. And what is happening in the villa at the same time? After enjoying a barbecue evening among bros, the islanders quickly get bored. Wild speculations are making the rounds: “They’ll definitely get two guys!” Dennis wants to know. And Paco is worried about his new lady of the heart: “I hope Bianca doesn’t mess up!”

Sweet cream shakes and crazy community comments

Show time! The next challenge is coming up. With “Crazy” the islanders find out what the social media community thinks about the group in the villa. One by one, they have to match social media posts by pouring milkshakes in the face of the islanders. It gets sweet and dirty, like the shakes themselves. Julia should assign: “… is the only one who really pulls off the games with kisses.” Greta is mentally preparing for the sticky shower. But convinced that it has to be Nicole, Julia fires the milk shake in the blonde’s face. A direct hit, really no islander expected that. When it is Paco’s turn, he reads the next post to the community: “… first couple up … and … and then get mad at … because she gets involved. Exactly my sense of humor.” The 25-year-old smiles because he knows exactly who is meant here and gives Adriano, Bianca and himself the shake. Right! Emilia is also right when she pours the shake over Adriano. The community believes that the Munich man is only after fame. Of course, Adriano won’t let that sit on him …

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Love Island grenade alarm puts Adrianos couple plan danger PHOTO


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