“Love Island” winner Jan Sokolowsky: In 2017 he won the show with Elena Miras – that’s how he feels today


In 2017 Jan Sokolowsky won the first season of the German edition of the dome show “Love Island”. Since then it has become quiet about the heartthrob – and there is a sad reason for that.

Today (March 8th) the new season “Love Island” finally starts on RTLZWEI. The reality show started in Germany in 2017 and gave us new trash TV favorites that are still represented in a number of formats to this day. For example, the then winner Elena Miras (28). With her show darling Jan Sokolowsky (31), she won the hearts of the audience and thus the show and, as a result, the joint prize money of 50,000 euros. But what became of Jan? In any case, things didn’t go as well for him as for his “Love Island” partner Elena.

Would you like to take a look at the new “Love Island” singles? Then click into the video below! There we will introduce you to the candidates.

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Ex- “Love Island” candidate lives today from Hartz IV

In an interview with “bild” Jan now makes a surprising confession: “I cheered all of our winnings! Today I live on Hartz IV. “The 31-year-old currently lives in a 38sqm one-room apartment on the 23rd floor in Cologne. He lives on the Hartz IV standard rate of 432 euros. However, he doesn’t seem sad about this fact at the moment The former heartthrob has not given much thought to a normal job. “Today I’m broke, but happy. I don’t miss all those red carpets and expensive branded clothes. The best thing in my life is the wonderful sunsets that I can enjoy from my apartment, “says the reality star.


Melissa Damilia and Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht lead through the aftertalk of

Love Island
Aftertalk: Ex- “Bachelorette” Melissa Damilia replaces Cathy Hummels
Melissa Damilia returns to “Love Island”: The ex- “Bachelorette” will host the aftertalk of the dome show from mid-March – and thus follows in the footsteps of Cathy Hummels.

Jan Sokolowsky has cheered his TV fees

But how did it get that far? Finally, Jan also took part in the nude dating show “Adam sucht Eva” in 2018. But not a cent is left of this fee either. “I made good money with the TV formats. At that time I could survive quite well without having to work 40 hours a week. But then all of a sudden the money was completely gone,” he admits.

But last year was not just financially difficult for Jan. “I was in a depression for the whole last year and was looking for the meaning of life for myself,” admits the former “Love Island” candidate quite openly. Due to the Corona crisis, however, he has now noticed that he is not alone with his worries and fears. That gave him hope again that everything would be fine.


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Love Island winner Jan Sokolowsky won show Elena Miras feels today


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