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Status: March 24th, 2021 6:00 p.m.

After Chancellor Merkel’s “Easter rest” stop, Weil speaks of “fidelity”. The country is now examining tougher corona restrictions over the holidays.

“We will not just be able to let things go,” said Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) on Wednesday in Hanover. The next steps are now being discussed within the state government. In addition to restricting day trips, the options could also include exit restrictions, which are named in the federal-state resolution for high-incidence regions, Weil said.

Lower Saxony goes down anyway

In a brief statement in front of the State Chancellery in Hanover, Weil admitted that the withdrawal of the resolutions agreed on Tuesday morning had caused “fidelity” to the citizens. But wrong decisions have to be taken back, that happened today, so Weil. The SPD politician said he was now counting on a voluntary “cutback in activities” during the upcoming Easter days. “We have to shut down public life as much as possible in Lower Saxony in the next two weeks.”


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This was announced by the Chancellor after a federal-state round that was convened at short notice. What remains of the resolutions? (3/24/21) 8 min

Sometimes harsh criticism of the measures

After the stop for the “Easter rest” initially decided at the Prime Minister’s Conference with Chancellor Angela Merkel, it came from Lower Saxony sometimes harsh criticism for this decision. The chairman of the Lower Saxony FDP parliamentary group, Stefan Birkner, speaks of a “chaos”.

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Easter eggs lie next to a face mask on a wooden background.  © COLOURBOX Photo: Astrid Gast

While the Landtag-FDP speaks of “chaos”, the trade welcomes the decision. The IHK lacks an opening strategy. (3/24/21) more

Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) speaks at a lectern in the state parliament.  © NDR

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Prime Minister Weil has announced talks with the churches. Meanwhile, the “extended Easter rest” is off the table. (23.03.2021) more

Empty beach chairs are on the beach in the Döse district in cloudy weather.  The measures to contain the coronavirus have massively affected tourism in Lower Saxony.  The beaches of the city of Cuxhaven are currently only allowed to be used by residents of the city or the district of Cuxhaven.  © picture-alliance / dpa Photo: Hauke-Christian Dittrich

For the industry it is already the second Easter season without guests. Tourism experts complain that there is a lack of perspective. (23.03.2021) more

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