MacBook Pro at half the price? This is definitely possible with this tariff bundle


The new Apple MacBook Pro is now also equipped with Apple’s new power processor M1, aka Apple Silicon. The notebook scores well in our detailed test and not only proves its performance, but also shows an excellent battery life. Because with one battery charge you can watch around 16.5 hours of videos or browse the Internet for 16 hours. Despite the “Pro” title, Apple is stingy when it comes to connection options: the notebook only has two Thunderbolt 3 ports and a jack for a headset. In addition, you can no longer connect an external GPU to this model.

You have to decide whether you want to pay the price for the deal with o2: If you add up the 24 monthly installments and the one-time costs, the total costs for the campaign are around 1,920 euros, which you can pay off in small installments over two years. The notebook alone currently costs around 1,300 euros at online retailers. Now you can turn the bill however you want: Either you subtract the regular MacBook Pro price. Then you come to about 26 euros for the Unlimited Max tariff or you bring the regular costs for this tariff (49.99 euros) and come to a price for the MacBook Pro of about 680 euros, which in turn is a price advantage of about 50 percent equals.

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MacBook Pro price tariff bundle


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