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The sci-fi puzzle game Machinika Museum is out today. Inspired by old (Myst) and new (The Room) classics and developed by Littlefield Studios, Machinika Museum presents the player with mechanical puzzles in a mysterious atmosphere.

Machinika Museum is now available on Steam, with a 15% discount for one week. The game will be released on April 20th on mobile. Pre-orders start today in the iOS App Store and Android Google Play.

“Researcher”? As someone who likes to rack their brains and find out what’s behind every locked door, you’re the right person for this job. ”

Machinika Museum invites you to become a researcher in a very special place. In the distant future, it is not uncommon to find machines from alien civilizations, especially in a museum dedicated to them. Your job is to preserve these devices and understand how to fix them.

But this time something is different. You haven’t been given any information and it seems pretty urgent … What are these devices? Who sent them? Why does nobody want to give you an answer? You will have to find out for yourself what secrets and stories are hidden behind these mechanisms.


  • Amazing puzzles: Use your sharp logical skills and your sense of observation.
  • Mysterious science fiction atmosphere and story: There is so much you don’t know yet …
  • Nice graphics: Cryptic alien machines have never looked better.
  • Intuitive and fun controls: Why complicated?
  • 2 to 4 hours Gameplay and puzzles.

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Andre Wich
The crazy person in the team can / must test everything that comes up, even if it is Barbie’s great horse adventure (which he would also love to test). Had he been born earlier, his sense of humor would have been in a Monty Python movie. In addition, as a genuine Bavarian, he thinks absolutely nothing of hoppy cold drinks.

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Machinika Museum Steam


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