Macron can hope for a second term


A good year before the presidential election in France, a second term in office seems to be within reach for Emmanuel Macron – despite all his mistakes in the Corona crisis. Because his most likely challenger is too controversial to win.

French President Emmanuel Macron still has big plans. Despite a rather mixed balance in the Corona crisis, he can hope for re-election in May 2022.

Ludovic Marin / AP

Emmanuel Macron has never hidden that he is aiming for re-election next year. Because the French President still has big plans: his reform program has not been implemented for a long time, and he has not yet fulfilled his promises in climate policy. The goal formulated in his inaugural address in front of the Louvre pyramid of revamping France’s position in the world with an ambitious foreign and European policy has not yet been achieved either. Not only because of the Covid-19 pandemic and the protests of the yellow vests, much remained unfinished or had to be postponed.

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Macron hope term


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