“MaiLab”: How safe is the Astrazeneca Corona vaccine? Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim explains


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Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim informs about the corona vaccine from Astrezenca on her YouTube channel “maiLab”. She also appeals to politics.

  • After a review by the EMA has Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) the resumption of the Astrazeneca vaccinations against the Coronavirus announced.
  • Yet how safe is the vaccine from Astrazeneca really?
  • The chemist Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim who is behind the Youtube channel „MaiLab“ knows advice.

Frankfurt – “Ohhh … Astrazeneca.” The desperation of Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim can be felt, almost palpable with your hands. The hullabaloo around the Swedish-British Corona-vaccine can hardly initiate. There is an exclamation that the video of „MaiLab“, moderated by Nguyen-Kim. The title of the clip: “How safe is Astrazeneca really?” Yes, how safe is the vaccine now?

The question is more than justified, was the inoculation due to possible Side effects In between it was stopped before Jens Spahn released the Astrazeneca vaccination again after an assessment by the EMA. All of Germany suddenly knows the disease Sinusvenenthrombose, rarely how dangerous. And this disease is said to be related to that Corona vaccine stand with Astrazeneca? Is that proven? MaiLab explains.

Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim explains in her Youtube channel “MaiLab” about the corona vaccine from Astrazeneca.

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Astrazeneca vaccine: Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim (“MaiLab”) declares – “Always approved with residual risk”

Nguyen-Kim’s introduction is as simple as it is important: “The thing with Astrazeneca has happened, can happen with any other vaccine as well.“In order to understand what has happened to the Astrazeneca vaccine in the past few days and weeks, you first need the basic knowledge of the process of a vaccine approval.

In Europe you have to Coronavirus against an emergency approval and decided to run the normal security process. We are currently in phase four, after the vaccine has been approved „MaiLab“ and emphasizes: “Vaccines are always approved with a certain residual risk.”

Means: diving Side effects in a case of 100,000 or even a million, this is not statistically noticeable in the clinical study with “only” 10,000 subjects. You have to accept this residual risk, says Nguyen-Kim, because it “stands disproportionate to the risks of Covid-19“.

Are there more side effects with the Astrazeneca vaccine than usual?

Of course they are Side effects of a vaccine still not irrelevant. After the clinical studies in phase one, two and three there is still phase four for precisely this purpose. We are now in this phase, explains “maiLab”. “Everything that occurs after a vaccination and goes beyond a normal vaccination reaction must be reported to the Paul Ehrlich Institute.” And: This reporting obligation is even required by law.

However, you also have to – with all of this Astrazeneca-Chaos – make people aware that one way or another “things happen” after vaccinations. Therefore, the question is not whether complaints, illnesses, deaths occur after vaccination. “Because they will,” promises “maiLab”. Instead, the question is whether it happens more often than usual.

Corona: Astrazeneca vaccine and the sinus vein thrombosis

But what about the notorious? Sinusvenenthrombosen? There are currently seven cases for every 1.6 million in Germany Astrazeneca Vaccinated. It is noticeable that all cases occurred within 4 to 16 days after the corona vaccination. Normal, however, is more of a case in this period. Therefore, emphasizes “maiLab”, is one Verification perfectly correct.

Whether or how a sinus vein thrombosis is related to vaccination by Astrazeneca, is currently under review by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

According to the EMA, it is already clear now that even if one assumes that the sinus vein thrombosis is a real side effect of the Astrazeneca vaccination, the risk is disproportionate to the risk of Covid-19. Are current 18 cases of sinus vein thrombosis among 20 million people vaccinated known, “maiLab” lists “while thousands die every day from and with Covid-19”.

Astrazeneca: Corona vaccine – Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim rumbles against Spahn – “Find it impossible”

Had to Astrazeneca vaccination actually be exposed? Even in the “maiLab” team, opinions differ on this, reveals Nguyen-Kim. However, everyone agrees that it is correct is the Resuming corona vaccinations after EMA review.

Rather, the poor communication on the part of the government meets with incomprehension on the part of Nguyen-Kim. “I find it impossibleto drop something like the suspension of Astrazeneca without providing more detailed explanations directly, “she railed and:” It can’t be that newspaper articles or Twitter threads provide more detailed explanations than official bodies. “The FAQ came much too late.

Such a lack of transparency would clearly trigger conspiracy theories, skepticism and uncertainty. And this is Nguyen-Kim’s final message to the government, the Federal Ministry of Health around Jens Spahn and to the Paul Ehrlich Institute: “Education is one of the most important measures for this pandemic.” (Nc)

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MaiLab safe Astrazeneca Corona vaccine Mai Thi NguyenKim explains


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