Maite Kelly: DSDS candidates go to her collar – “insane”


Maite Kelly: DSDS candidates go to her collar – “Insane and unprofessional”

That’s what the DSDS winners do today

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Maite Kelly not only made friends as a DSDS juror. There is a strong headwind from two candidates after their departure.

In an interview, the DSDS couple Katharina and Marvin attacked the juror. A saying from Maite Kelly did not suit them at all.

Maite Kelly: DSDS couple shoots back after being expelled

As the grand finale of the recall, Marvin Ventura Estradas and Katharina Eisenblut were to perform the song “Time of my Life” together. But then it was over for the couple. Maite Kelly was disappointed with the performance and blamed Katharina: “Marvin was a star two days ago and today he was a karaoke singer – and you allowed that.”

In an interview with “Ok Magazin”, Katharina explains: “When I received the criticism, I was speechless”, and makes the jury a blatant reproach: “The whole show was done like this. If someone didn’t work, it was my fault. It wasn’t entirely fair. “

Marvin couldn’t believe what he was hearing from Maite Kelly: “I was very shocked when this statement came. I didn’t sing the song well. To blame it on Katharina, I find totally idiotic and unprofessional. Normally you should give a constructive opinion, that would have been perfectly fine. “

The couple were also not at all satisfied with the choice of songs. “That was a song that just didn’t suit me. I already knew that when we got it, ”says Marvin.


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Katharina cannot understand DSDS expulsion

Katharina, on the other hand, made her “best performance”, but still flew out of the show. “If every appearance is evaluated individually and you get a new chance every appearance and I was shining at the moment and that was my best appearance. Why didn’t I get any further? That wasn’t fair, ”said Katharina in“ OK Magazin ”.

Even if it didn’t work out with the victory at DSDS, privately they found their happiness. And Maite Kelly? Because of the Shitstorm on Instagram, she turned off her comment function. Looks like the audience could understand the criticism.

Before the live shows, that wasn’t the only bad news for Maite Kelly. Dieter Bohlen is missing RTL in the final. Here is the background! (fs)

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Maite Kelly DSDS candidates collar insane


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