Major CL reform: will there be the “Swiss model” in the Champions League in the future?



From 2024 there will be numerous changes in the Champions League. One of them is that 36 teams are now allowed to participate. We’ll show you an overview of what should be changed.

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The handle pot, the object of desire. The premier class is to be reformed from 2024.

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36 instead of 32 teams should now be able to qualify.

36 instead of 32 teams should now be able to qualify.

Handout via REUTERS

The big clubs, like defending champion Bayern Munich, earn even more money in the Champions League with the reform.

The big clubs, like defending champion Bayern Munich, earn even more money in the Champions League with the reform.


  • Uefa wants to reform the Champions League.

  • 36 teams should now be able to participate in the premier class instead of the previous 32.

  • A change of mode is also on the program, it should be played according to the Swiss model.

It has long been known that the Champions League will come in a new guise from 2024. Now the major reform is about to be completed. Officially nothing has been confirmed, but it should only be about the last details. At the next congress on April 20 in Montreux, the Uefa would like to fix the reform, as the «Kicker» reports. We’ll show you at a glance what should change.

What should the Champions League mode look like from 2024?

One of the biggest changes will be the game mode. Instead of the previous 32, 36 teams should be able to qualify for the final round. So far, the teams have played in eight groups of four teams each, now everyone should play together in one league. As things stand, the “Swiss model” will come into play. Each team should play ten games in the preliminary round, the opponents are drawn from four pots in advance. The best eight from the 36th league qualify directly for the round of 16, the remaining teams make up the other eight places in a play-off round.

Are there more games with the new mode?

In any case. And much more than before. 125 games are currently being played in the Champions League from the group stage onwards, and 225 would be new if the reform is accepted. The necessary dates for the additional rounds are to be created in December and January. This means that 100 additional games are to be added from 2024.

Who will get the four additional Champions League places?

This is currently a topic that is being discussed between two associations. An additional starting place is to go to the French Ligue 1, another to a master of a smaller league. The European Leagues Association, to which the Swiss Football League also belongs, would like to have two additional champions with them. The European Club Association, or ECA for short, sees it differently. If they have their way, the tickets should go to two successors from a new Uefa ten-year ranking. That would be well-known clubs that have done well internationally in recent years, but were unable to qualify for the Champions League in the season in question. So the last word has not yet been spoken here.

Is there any criticism of the planned reform?

Yes, there are. The European Leagues sees a disadvantage especially for the smaller leagues. The fans have also spoken out fundamentally against the reform. It is feared that the top clubs will move further away from the smaller clubs and thus the financial and sporting gap will increase. Teams with a smaller budget and a not as broad squad could also be troubled by the increased number of games.

What are the advantages of a new Champions League?

Financially, it definitely has advantages for the participating clubs. Instead of six games in the premier class as before, there are ten games after the reform. That also means more money for the clubs. Bayern board member Oliver Kahn told the “kicker”: “The Champions League reform can generate more income.” What is certain is that the corona pandemic has also affected the big clubs financially. It should also be the only way to prevent a Super League of the top international clubs, as BVB boss Hans-Joachim Watzke told the “Ruhrnachrichten”. Clubs like Real Madrid or Juventus Turin have come out in favor of such a Super League.

However, the distribution of money is not yet a final decision. So far it is not even clear how the European Cup funds will be distributed in the 2021/22 season. The reason for this is that the Europa Conference League will then start. In addition to the Champions and Europa League, this is another European competition.

The Europa League is also to be reformed

Although the Europa League will be changed significantly from next season, it should also adopt the reforms of the Champions League in 2024 and play in the “Swiss model”. The Executive Committee also decides on the Europa League reform.

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