Major disruption: Swisscom mobile network is running again with restrictions


Several 20-minute news scouts reported a major malfunction at Swisscom early on Tuesday afternoon. A marked increase in reports was also registered on allestö Swisscom itself wrote on its side that there were impairments in telephony over the mobile network.

Media spokeswoman Annina Merk confirmed a malfunction on request: “Yes, there are currently restrictions in mobile communication, we are working flat out to rectify the malfunction.”

Shortly before 3:30 p.m. Merk added: “This afternoon between 2:33 p.m. and 2:48 p.m., making calls via the cellular network, sending SMS and MMS and using the mobile Internet throughout Switzerland was affected by a brief disruption. The situation is normalizing, but there may still be restrictions for some customers. We apologize for the inconvenience. “

The cause of the disorder is not yet known.

The fact that there was a major disruption in the Swisscom mobile network also made the rounds on Twitter.

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Major disruption Swisscom mobile network running restrictions


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