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A fire broke out on Friday on the former Rasselstein company premises in Neuwied.

According to the fire brigade, a disused factory hall with machines is on fire. The fire was reported around 6 p.m. Since then, the fire brigade has tried to fight the flames with 350 rescue workers. The extinguishing measures had an effect, so that the smoke development had decreased significantly, said Matthias Lemgen, press spokesman for the technical operations management in the Neuwied district, the SWR in the evening. In addition, further spread of the flames could be prevented.

The fire brigade is getting support from the districts of Neuwied, Mayen-Koblenz and the Westerwaldkreis as well as the rapid response group of the aid organizations, said the mayor of Neuwied, Jan Einig, the SWR.

Residents should close doors and windows because of the smoke

Tim Wessel, press spokesman for the Neuwied technical operations management team, said that there were currently no injuries. “Due to the heavy smoke development, the warning apps ‘Katwarn’ and ‘Nina’ were triggered early,” said Wessel.

In the areas of the city of Neuwied and parts of the community of Rengsdorf-Waldbreitbach there is smoke development and residents should keep windows and doors closed. At the same time, the fire brigade is measuring the air values ​​in the affected region. During the first test runs, no limit values ​​were exceeded, said the operations management team.

Column of smoke over Neuwied

Oliver Wies

No background to the fire incident known yet

In the area of ​​the fire scene, the L255 between Niederbieber and the B42 is completely closed. The fire fighting is expected to continue into the morning hours. Nothing could be said about the amount of damage in the evening either. The former Rasselstein site is now owned by a manufacturer of aluminum profiles.

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Major fire Rasselstein company premises SWR Aktuell


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