Man knocked unconscious at bus stop


A Cologne resident was seriously injured in an argument. The 31-year-old had an argument with two younger men – and was violently attacked.

In the Bickendorf district of Cologne there was an argument between several men during the night. A 31-year-old from Cologne was seriously injured, as the police announced on Sunday.

According to initial investigations, a 15-year-old and a 19-year-old are said to have brutally attacked the man at the Rochusplatz underground station. There, the 31-year-old, accompanied by his girlfriend, got off around 1 a.m., witnesses report.

At first, the man would have argued verbally with the other two. Then the men hit the 31-year-old to the ground. They kicked him until he passed out. He was later hospitalized by rescue workers. The investigation continues, the police said.

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Man knocked unconscious bus stop


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