Marvel’s Avengers is getting a Black Panther expansion


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  • Mavel’s Avengers got a roadmap for 2021
  • A Black Panther DLC should appear in the summer or later
  • On March 18, the Hawkeye DLC was released along with the next-gen upgrade

Crystal Dynamics has finally released a roadmap to Marvel’s Avengers. This content timetable for 2021 includes, among other things, a Black Panther expansion that is to appear in the summer.

“Black Panther and the War for Wakanda are coming to Marvel’s Avengers, along with Klaw, the Wakandan jungle biome, new enemies and more,” reads the expansion’s reveal trailer.

With the “War for Wakanda” expansion this summer you will have the opportunity to slip into the skin of the Black Panther. New skins, a higher level limit, new opponents, jungle biomes and a new story fill the summer slump.

But the Black Panther isn’t the only major piece of content mentioned on the roadmap. For March, the recently released Hawkeye expansion is listed, which brings the playable hero along with a new villain, a new story and a free next-gen update to the Marvel universe.

In the spring you get the opportunity to combine your heroes (I’m just imagining a Hulk with a bow and arrow, and you like that?). There will also be new HARM content and new hero outfits. A sector for bad scientists and a new mission type “Patrol Mode” await you until the summer.

The Avengers will be populated with this content this year.

Immediately after the 1.5 update, developer Crystal Dynamics finally announced plans for future content. The update brought the new HARM rooms into play, in which you can choose the type and number of your opponents yourself.

Also the XP change, which leads to an increased grind towards the end of the game, now captivates the players about three to five hours longer in order to bring their heroes to the highest level. The campaign can also be repeated since the update, which should be very useful for this purpose.

Yesterday, in addition to the update, the Hawkeye DLC and the free next-gen upgrade were added, with which you can transfer your scores and progress to the new generation of consoles. Read here how Marvel’s Avengers hold up on the PS5.

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Marvels Avengers Black Panther expansion


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