“Masked Singer”: Joko causes a lot of confusion – viewers have a theory


Joko Winterscheidt made a confusing appearance on “The Masked Singer”. Image: ProSieben screenshot

“The Masked Singer”: Big confusion about Joko’s crazy performance – fans have theory

At the grand finale, “The Masked Singer” once again made the fans very happy: No one less than Joko Winterscheidt supported the rate team around Rea Garvey and Ruth Moschner. He drew attention from the first minute, because the 42-year-old wore a spectacular suit with “Joko & Klaas against ProSieben” imprint. So he was doing advertising for his own show on the side. A win-win situation for the broadcaster.

But after the first round of participants, the euphoria turned into disbelief, if not sheer horror, for some spectators: Joko’s tips were so off the track that so many theories about the entertainer’s confused appearance circulated on Twitter over the course of the evening.

Joko with a crazy “Masked Singer” guest play

Joko did not seem to have really dealt with the previous editions of the show and fired the most remote speculations about the candidates: The flamingo should be Thomas Hayo, the dinosaur Tim Mälzer and the turtle Campino. After a commercial break, he also named Fabian Hambüchen as a possible celebrity under the turtle mask, but had already forgotten that a few minutes earlier he had mentioned the Toten Hosen frontman.

Joko shot the bird after the leopard performance: Here he tapped a cleaner named Sabine from “Circus HalliGalli”. Does the star moderator even take his job on the advice team seriously? At this point at the latest, considerable doubts arose. Twitter was accordingly split because of Joko. While some celebrated his wild speculations, others were really annoyed.

Inspired by one of the clue clips, Joko also announced in between: “Then I’ll take LSD with all of you!”. In doing so, he provided the rather eaten up part of the audience with an act that was promptly thought of on Twitter:

Joko triggers speculation

Various theories then made the rounds in social networks. A few users suspected a prank by Joko in cooperation with his buddy Klaas and asked the question: Were the two connected to each other during the broadcast with a button in the ear, while Klaas passed all the statements to his colleague?

What speaks against the assumption, however, is that Klaas went live on Instagram during “The Masked Singer” and apparently followed the show with his “Late Night Berlin” team.

But there is also another option: Joko’s escalation is therefore an early punishment from the upcoming edition of “Joko & Klaas against ProSieben”that takes place next week. Usually, the rate guest in “The Masked Singer” final is always last year’s winner, which is why Joko’s presence raises questions anyway.

One user, however, points out that a preliminary punishment actually makes no sense, since it would reveal how “Joko & Klaas against ProSieben” would turn out before the broadcast. However, Joko’s number could still be related to the show. Maybe he was simply given a task for his “Masked Singer” guest appearance.

“Joko & Klaas versus ProSieben” will definitely create clarity in this regard next week when the show takes over the broadcasting slot for “The Masked Singer”. In any case, ProSieben has already succeeded in drawing concentrated attention to the program of its two big draft horses.


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