“Masked Singer”: The female leopard poses a riddle: Detail puzzles the ex-candidate


The leopard still puzzles many “The Masked Singer” viewers. Image: ProSieben / Willi Weber


“I was very sure at the beginning”: Ex- “The Masked Singer” candidate with theory about the leopard

With “The Masked Singer” the guesswork of the fourth season will soon come to an end – on Tuesday evening the leopard, the turtle, the flamingo and the dinosaur have to reveal themselves. The turtle seems to be exposed in the first place, most viewers suspect the modern-talking star Thomas Anders under the mask. Opinions are still divided on the leopard – and that because the audience may have been led onto ice with a clever tactic during the season.

In the first episodes, the singer, who embodies the leopard, only sat, then she took a few steps in the more recent editions – so was the celebrity candidate injured or blind? Because of the second assumption, the speculations already led to the blind singer Joana Zimmer. Thore Schölermann alias the monstronaut, who was selected from the show in the semifinals, brings two completely different names in connection with the costume in the watson interview.

Thore Schölermann was the monstronaut on “The Masked Singer”. Image: dpa / Willi Weber

Ex-candidate had details about “The Masked Singer” leopard in view

Because it is undisputed that the plush big cat is a professional singer, which the advice team suspected from the beginning of the season. Among other things, in addition to Vanessa from the No Angels, international names were also mentioned, Ruth Moschner even wanted Leona Lewis to be heard. The ex-candidate Thore Schölermann at least admits that the leopard has thrown him pretty much too:

Even if Thore had a very limited field of vision on the “The Masked Singer” stage due to his costume, he can at least classify size, stature and small details better than the audience at home. He adds: “We never know from each other who is under the masks and then suddenly you pay close attention to the physique, how the person behaves, whether he or she does not make a sound at some point.”

Thore Schölermann has two specific singers suspected of being a leopard

A veiling tactic of the leopard was obviously also consistently carried out in the Cologne TV studio, as the retired presenter remembers to watson: “The aspect: Can she walk, can she not walk? Even in the studio we did not notice whether she can really walk or not. So one of the most difficult masks in any case.” Nevertheless, Thore can still elicit two concrete assumptions in the interview:

Cassandra Steen has at least been in conversation several times – it has meanwhile been said that the R&B singer was always put on stage because otherwise you could identify her by her height. The 41-year-old measures at least 1.87 meters, so she is relatively tall for a woman.

Joy Denalane brings Thore into the game again and the voice could well fit the native Berliner. However, the tip leaves the question open, why the leopard did not perform standing on stage like all other costumes, after all, Joy does not seem to be noticeably small or large. A possible foot injury could be the explanation. Or a clever game of confusion.

Thore is also committed to the “Masked Singer” dinosaur

Thore has “very strong suspicions” of the other three finalists. The 36-year-old doesn’t want to give too much to his tips either, because: “I was bitterly deceived during the season and then had to realize that my security is total nonsense.” Nevertheless, he gives to understand:

Incidentally, Thore himself did not want to rely solely on the concealment tactics within the show: He actually drove straight home after one of his gigs and posted an Instagram story with his face in the foreground and the live show on the television in the background. In the end, none of this was of any use, the advice team found out about him in the semi-finals.

The finale without a monstronaut also has something good

By the way: There is an innovation in the finale of “The Masked Singer”. Unlike in the previous three seasons, this time there are only four instead of five candidates on stage. The semi-final was Thore’s undoing, because two masks were thrown out for the first time. Otherwise the monstronaut might even have made it to the finals.

But for Thore there is even something good that he didn’t make it to the last show, as he explains with a laugh to watson: “Because otherwise maybe even more would have broken than before: camera, light, stage decoration, I even bent the presenter … Maybe the finale would have incited me to do things that shouldn’t have happened on television.”

But whether there are four or five candidates in the final does not matter to him: “Either way, it’s a great show. I’m looking forward to the final and I’m sure it will be awesome”concluded Thore.

“That’s bullshit”: “DSDS” candidate grapples with Maite Kelly in the recall finale – with severe consequences

The current issue of “DSDS” was about the candidates’ entry into the live shows on RTL. At the same time, it was the last recall of the casting show, which took place with Dieter Bohlen as a juror veteran. Poptitan will only be in front of the camera twice for the show. For his fellow jurors Maite Kelly and Mike Singer there will be no “DSDS” future either.

Not all candidates are likely to be saddened by the fact that Maite in particular is not yet …

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Masked Singer female leopard poses riddle Detail puzzles excandidate


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