Max Verstappen grabs the pole


12:14 p.m.

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By the way: Here you can find an overview of all TV times and information for the Bahrain weekend!

5:05 pm

Mistake at Sainz?

The Spaniard was actually faster than his team-mate all weekend. It turned around in Q3 of all places, he will only start from P8 tomorrow. But there must have been a mistake, because Sainz was two tenths slower than in Q2. Also interesting: Ricciardo beats Norris at McLaren. He starts from P6, Norris from P7.

5:01 pm

Verstappen on pole!

Red Bull takes the first Bahrain Pole since 2012! 1: 28.9 for Verstappen, he beats Hamilton by almost four tenths. What a round again at the end. Bottas is third ahead of Leclerc and Gasly. A success for Ferrari.

4:54 pm

Verstappen vorne

The first round goes to Verstappen! 1: 29.5 for the Dutchman, which puts him 0.023 seconds ahead of Hamilton. Gasly is sensationally in P3, ahead of Bottas. But both are missing more than half a second. The thing decides as predicted between Hamilton and Verstappen.

4:50 pm

Q3 is running

Now is the time! Who will get the first Pole of the year? In Q2, Hamilton was ahead of Verstappen. We continue to assume that it will choose between the two. Or can someone else get involved?

4:45 p.m.

Vettel: The yellow flag cost Q2

Meanwhile, the four-time world champion also confirms that he was eliminated in Q1 because of the yellow flags. “We should have just been more careful and should have positioned ourselves better. But in retrospect you are always smarter. That hit us hard today, of course, but it is now,” said Vettel on ‘Sky’.

Tomorrow it will be “difficult”. “We are far away, also far behind the points,” ponders Vettel and adds: “Tomorrow it will be a long race as far as the tires are concerned. Let’s be surprised.” After all: “The car was definitely better than in the practice sessions. It felt very good right away. Unfortunately, we couldn’t show that.”

4:42 pm

Perez out, Ferrari in front

Ferrari best time! However, on soft, that puts it into perspective. Sainz P1 before Leclerc on P2. Out are Perez, Giovinazzi, Tsunoda, Räikkönen and Russell. With Perez and Tsunoda they played poker with the medium.

4:36 pm

Out would be currently …

… Giovinazzi, Raikkonen, Russell, Ricciardo and Perez. The last Q2 minutes are running. Let’s see who can still improve here!

4:33 pm

Hamilton P1

Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Hamilton is half a second faster on medium than in Q1 on soft. He leads with a 1: 30.0 ahead of Verstappen (1: 30.3) and Bottas (1: 30.5). Everyone was on medium. Is Mercedes serious now? Bitter: Perez and Ricciardo the time was canceled. The second attempt has to be here now, otherwise that was it!

4:30 p.m.

Multiple drivers on medium

Let’s see if that works. According to Pirelli, the medium is almost a second slower than the soft. Actually, the plan cannot work to get into Q3 like this. But let’s see.

4:27 pm

Problem with Sainz

A yellow flag was just caused by Masepin, who has already turned again. The other came from Sainz, whose engine had suddenly stopped. He suspects that this was due to vibrations. Otmar Szafnauer confirms on ‘Sky’ that the yellow flags are the reason for Vettel’s out. Annoying. Q2 is running in the meantime!

4:24 pm

Chaos in the end

Vettel’s departure could be related to the fact that there were several yellow flags in the end. Maybe because of that he couldn’t improve any more. The race management announces that they want to check all laps again at the end. Maybe one or the other was too fast under yellow. But you will only do that after the session. So nothing changes that Vettel and Co. are out.

4:21 pm

Vettel and Schumacher out

Not a good result from a German point of view. Mick Schumacher is 19th and beats his teammate. You couldn’t ask for more. On the other hand, P18 is disappointing for Vettel, for him it is just as after work as before Ocon and Latifi. Lucky is Sainz, who just manages to get through on P15 in the Ferrari. Russell is strong 13th. In the top 3 nothing has changed.

4:17 pm

Final phase

Verstappen and the two AlphaTauri pilots are no longer driving. You seem very sure of that. All other 17 pilots are out again. Let’s see who can still improve. Alonso in P12 and Vettel in P13 also have to tremble a bit at the moment.

4:15 p.m.

Damaged underbody?

Verstappen comes out too far in Turn 2 and tells the team to look at the underbody. It would be bitter if it was damaged here. Let’s wait. By the way, the usual four suspects and Ocon would currently be out. Schumacher is currently last. But he also set his time as the first of the 20 pilots. A clear disadvantage.

4:12 pm

Verstappen for Tsunoda

After the first attempts, Verstappen is ahead with a 1: 30.4. P2 sensationally occupies Tsunoda! The AlphaTauri pilot is still ahead of Hamilton. Behind them are team-mates Gasly, Perez and Bottas. AlphaTauri as the third force in Bahrain? Look right now!

4:05 pm

Lathe operator Masepin

Mick Schumacher is the only driver who sets a time, everyone else breaks off their lap again. His team-mate Masepin is even spinning – not for the first time this weekend. Schumacher’s 1: 33.8 will certainly not be enough for Q2, so he’ll have to go up one more time.

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Max Verstappen grabs pole


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