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The ten-time GP winner Max Verstappen goes to the GP weekend in Bahrain as the favorite after his great performance in the winter test. But that is not important to the Dutchman.

No car was faster than Max Verstappen’s Red Bull Racing RB16B Honda in the Bahrain test, and the Milton Keynes racing car ran steadily on top of that. But the ten-time Grand Prix winner from the Netherlands has been in the full throttle industry too long to be lulled into a false sense of security. The 23-year-old Verstappen had stated: “I don’t see us as favorites. My favorite is the team that has won seven world titles in a row. “

Why doesn’t anyone want to be the favorite in Formula 1? Is this about taking pressure off the boiler? From managing expectations? Nobody wants to sound arrogant, or are people maybe even superstitious? Max said in a video conference in Bahrain: “Such discussions are just not that important to me. It is important to me how we perform on the racetrack and that we concentrate on our own work. You have to keep calm and stay focused and put pressure on Mercedes. Everything else is just a distraction. ”

Max does not want to draw conclusions from the Bahrain test on the Bahrain race, but neither does it hide how satisfied he was with the three-day tests. “We got through our program really well and everything is going very well. I have a good feeling about this car. We didn’t have any problems, there are no question marks for me about our car after the winter tests. You always want a smooth winter test, and that’s exactly what we’ve had. That was especially important this time because we only had three days. We can be very satisfied. “

«What I particularly enjoyed: The handling of the car is predictable, regardless of the wind direction or the ambient temperature. That’s always a good sign. ”

How confident is Max? Verstappen grins: “I’m always confident, even if I have to start a race from last place. But let’s put it this way – I’m in good spirits that we won’t be the last. “

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