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Have you lost track of the corona rules? Here we explain which measures are currently in force in Germany.

There is no end in sight to the strict Corona rules in Germany: At the summit on March 22nd, the federal and state governments extended the lockdown to April 18th. This means that restrictions apply to retail, catering and private meetings, among other things.

Here you will find an overview of the current Corona measures in Germany and the concrete implementation in Bayern.

Current corona rules in Germany

Private meetings and contact restrictions: In principle, meetings between two households are allowed if there are no more than five people. However, the rules change depending on the 7-day incidence. If the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in a region is below 35, three households with a total of a maximum of ten people may come together. If, on the other hand, the incidence exceeds the limit of 100, the emergency brake applies: Then a household can only meet with a maximum of one other person.

Easter: Strict Corona rules apply over Easter. The federal and state governments have set the period from April 1st to April 5th as an “extended rest period”. Maundy Thursday and Holy Saturday count as one-time rest days that are loud Angela Merkel should be comparable to Sundays and public holidays. No shops are allowed to open on Maundy Thursday, at least grocery stores on Saturday. In addition, there is a general ban on assemblies.

Mask requirement: The mask requirement in Germany still applies. So-called surgical masks or the better FFP2 masks must be worn in buses, trains and in shops – this also applies to churches, synagogues and mosques. In Bavaria, only FFP2 masks or comparable standards such as KN95 are allowed in public transport and shops.

Retail trade: In addition to grocery stores and pharmacies, bookstores, flower shops, garden markets and hairdressers are now open again. Below a value of 50 retail stores generally open with a limit of one customer per ten or 20 square meters, depending on the size of the store. If the value is between 50 and 100, shopping in retail is only possible with an appointment booking and a limit of one customer per 40 square meters. If the 7-day incidence exceeds 100 for three days in a row, the stores must close.

Gastronomy: Outdoor catering is allowed to open in Germany with low incidence values ​​under strict conditions, which the federal states implement differently – information for Bavaria can be found below. It must be closed everywhere from April 1st to April 5th.

Homeoffice: Employers must enable their employees to work from home “wherever possible”. If it is not possible to work at home, distance rules must be observed or medical masks must be worn. According to the federal government, company canteens should be closed if the work processes permit.

Sport: If the incidence is below 50, “non-contact sport in small groups” is permitted outside, according to the federal and state governments. A maximum of ten people are allowed to come together.

Churches: Church services in churches, synagogues and mosques as well as meetings of other religious communities are only permitted if hygiene rules are observed. These include: a minimum distance of one and a half meters, no singing and a mask requirement, which requires medical masks. Over Easter, masses and other religious events should only take place virtually.

Retirement and nursing homes: Personnel should always wear FFP2 masks when they come into contact with residents. Nursing staff and visitors should be consistently tested.

Medical treatments: Treatments such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and logotherapy or foot care that are medically necessary are generally still allowed.

To travel: At the Corona summit on March 22nd, no relaxations for vacation in Germany were decided. Hotels and holiday apartments remain closed to tourists. It looks different abroad. Travel to Mallorca is possible. The prime ministers see no legal recourse against the trips abroad. For this, vacationers should get on immediately before their return flight Corona getting tested. In addition, the federal and state governments expect the airlines not to offer any additional flights to Mallorca during the Easter holidays.

This is how Bavaria implements the corona measures

Trade: After the Easter break, Bavaria wants to relax the corona rules for retail. From April 12, shops should be allowed to open with an incidence below 100. So far, the value has been 50. With an incidence between 100 and 200, “Click & Meet” should be possible – that is, shopping with an appointment. Customers have to show a negative corona test from the same day. In general, shops must adhere to strict hygiene rules and limit the number of customers.

Gastronomy, Culture and sport: From April 12, outdoor restaurants, theaters and cinemas should be allowed to open in Bavaria if the incidence is below 50. Sport without contact should then also be possible indoors, even sport with contact outside.

Schools and daycare centers: In Bavaria, all school classes should return to face-to-face teaching if the incidence value is below 50. Between 50 and 100 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within one week, there is a change of instruction for all age groups. If the value is over 100, distance teaching generally applies – but with exceptions. In the final grades as well as in the fourth grade of elementary school and grades 11 at grammar schools, technical colleges and vocational colleges, face-to-face classes or alternating classes take place at a minimum. However, only students and teachers who have a negative corona test or who have taken a corresponding self-test at school with a negative result are allowed into the classrooms.

Night curfew in Bayern: The curfew applies in Bavaria in Corona hotspots: Between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., staying in public spaces is only permitted there with a valid reason. The curfew does not apply in the counties and urban districts in which the incidence has been below 100 for at least seven days. Here you always get the latest information: Where does the night curfew still apply in Bavaria? (with msti, hoof)

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