Mega hype about “Loop Hero”: What’s going on on Steam?


Sometimes the paths to success are unfathomable – at least when it comes to games. An indie game for PC (Linux, Mac) is currently going through the roof on Steam, in which every graphic designer is rubbing their eyes. Are we really in 2021 with the roguelike RPG “Loop Hero”? No matter! Since the release on Thursday, the positive reviews have been increasing. Overall, the game was rated “extremely positive”.

What is the role play about?

Good question! Here is the very difficult answer: The main character is held in a time loop by a “lich”. It has to consistently take the same course, keep going through the same fights, keep exploring the same corners. The aim of the game is to escape from this time warp. The player does not lead the hero of the story, but tinkers with the environment. He places utensils and obstacles so that the hero becomes stronger and can eventually free himself. In the game description it sounds like this: “Use a growing deck of mystical cards to place enemies, buildings and terrain on each of the unique expedition loops for the hero.”

The makers are completely overwhelmed

Publisher “Devolver Digital” and developer “Four Quarters” can hardly believe the success. Just one day after the release, 150,000 players were already at the start on Steam. There are now over 3,600 reviews there.

That’s what the players say

Players obviously love the gameplay and the retro feel that Loop Hero has. Some refer to the role-playing game as “the best thing they have played in months”. The soundtrack also seems to be good. For example, one reviewer writes, “After 30 minutes, I was completely addicted”. Another: In its simplicity, the game is a lot of fun. I’ve only scratched the surface, I’m still in the first chapter, but it’s definitely a game that captivates you. ”

“Loop Hero” is currently reduced to € 12.74 on Steam, but otherwise doesn’t cost the world at € 14.99.

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