Mega queue in Chemnitz city: what’s going on here?



Mega queue in Chemnitz city: what’s going on here?

On Saturday, a meter-long queue formed in downtown Chemnitz. what happened there?

Chemnitz – In the middle of the Chemnitz city center A meter long queue formed on Saturday. what happened there?

The first donut shop opened in Chemnitz on Saturday. Quite a few people from Chemnitz stood in line to try the ring-shaped cult pastry. © Erz-Foto / Georg Ulrich Dostmann

TAG24 learned: The people from Chemnitz stood in line for up to two hours. But for what?

The answer: For Chemnitz’s first donut shop! This opened this Saturday on Düsseldorfer Platz.

A queue formed as early as 11.30 am for the opening of “Royal Donuts”. Around 500 donuts went over the counter by 1.30 p.m., reports shop manager Nicole Lehmann (37).

The “Royal Donuts” branch in Chemnitz is the third store in East Germany, after Leipzig and Berlin. It goes without saying that the people of Chemnitz had to test the ring-shaped cult biscuit immediately.

“The special thing about our donuts is that they are not produced industrially,” explains Lehmann: “I only get the donut blanks frozen.”

After defrosting, the dough is filled with, for example, Nutella, bueno cream, pudding or peanut butter – all by hand. A total of ten employees take care of the production of the delicacies in a two-shift system.

The loving production of the donuts seems to be well received by the people of Chemnitz in view of the mega queue.

The branch will be open Monday to Saturday from 11.30 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sundays from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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