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Bitter tears instead of great feelings …

The semi-finals of “Love Island” brought some broken hearts with it on Sunday evening. What nobody expected, however: Even a dream team went their separate ways in the end.

Project assistant Nicole (29) and her Dennis (27) had been a couple since day one of the dome show, even talking about marriage and children. But shortly before the finish line, things suddenly stopped running between the two of them.

Nicole in particular felt that she was barely able to cope with the pressure of expectation. So the blonde became more and more quiet. A debate turned into a very big drama. Dennis confessed to her: “I don’t feel as comfortable as I did at the beginning.” He simply lacked the closeness to his dream woman.
Just stupid that she saw it completely differently. Nicole annoyed: “We don’t have to smooch all the time.” A discussion followed with mutual accusations for the misery. Finally Dennis threatened: “Then I’ll go out and you can enjoy your time.”

Already there were signs of separation. Nicole tearfully: “I don’t think I can go on like this.” A sentence that really got him angry. In his opinion, she gave up too quickly. “You really wanted to enter into a relationship! And because of a few inconsistencies, do you want to end this now? ”He railed.
The Dusseldorf resident accused his partner, who still did not take a step towards him: “You only have to deal with hatred!” The former dream couple never found a green branch. Finally she left him alone on the couch.

The last mating ceremony before the final turned into a showdown, because all islanders had to show their colors. Moderator Jana Ina Zarrella (44) made it clear to them: “We don’t want any couples on Monday who break up on Instagram on Tuesday.”

Moderator Jana Ina Zarrella makes it clear to the boys that they have to take a clear position on their couplesPhoto: RTLZWEI

While the guys in the garden decided for or against their loved one, the partner only came out of the villa if she also believed in the relationship. A horror end for Dennis. While he was confessing to Nicole, she broke up. Nicole: “He deserves to stay with ‘Love Island’, but there are no more couples.”

It was the end of the line for these couples too: musician Amadu (25) gave his Julia (28) a basket in the semifinals. She had frightened the free spirit with her jealousy. The Cologne resident: “My insides tell me that I have to pull the rip cord.”

Julia and Amadu also quarrel violently

Julia and Amadu also fight violentlyPhoto: RTLZWEI

“Love Island” unlucky Emilia (21) also gave up. After a few blows, the student fell in love with professional boxer Alex (28). However, because she couldn’t make up his mind on his feelings, the blonde served him with a heavy heart.

There are three other couples in the final: Fynn (23) and Greta (21), Bianca (23) and Paco (25), as well as Finn Emma (22) and Christian (29). For them it’s about love and 50,000 euros.

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