Meghan and the evil royal family: a political fairy tale at the right time


Yes, this is about Meghan, Harry and the Queen. In the middle of the pandemic, in which we are not getting bored politically either, the world stands still for an interview. And suddenly he takes care of the emotional worlds of those people who are otherwise only known from those newspaper pages that no one admits to read and who are nevertheless often the most widely read.

As always, when it comes to seemingly trivial matters, our social priorities are also debated. There are those who watch the interview – and get upset about Meghan or the royal family. Then there are those who are upset that people are looking at this seriously because: Please don’t we have any other worries? Then there are those who are upset about the upset because if you want to see it, please. And so on.

This interview comes at the very best time. It teaches us (which brings us back to Shakespeare) something about man. Because for a day there is something else to discuss than death numbers, incidence, political scandals and other traumatic or embittering matters. For one day it was about what makes people just as strong as concern for life and limb: He is a social being who also feeds on the supposedly trivial.

And finally there was an unparalleled famine.

Man once became man through the stories we tell each other. In this case, it’s a fairy tale – about the actress who almost becomes a princess. But it is also a legend: you learn a lot about the monsters in the heart of the mighty. The love of such stories is not a minor matter. But a basic, a primal need, the glue of a democratic society – and therefore highly political. A royal scandal, of all things, has now reminded us of it.

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Meghan evil royal family political fairy tale time


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