Meghan Markle: old photos exposed!


As the Duchess of Sussex, she knows the whole world. But even before her relationship with Prince Harry, Meghan was no stranger – but nobody knows these pictures!

When she tied the knot in May 2018 to Prince Harry (36), the bourgeois Meghan Markle (39) became the Duchess of Sussex. A title that got her a lot of attention. Much more at least than when she was an actress in the US hit series “Suits”. At that time, Meghan was rather unknown and could sometimes leave the house without being followed by photographers. She was happy to do that, preferably together with her friends. Whether at partying, going out or on vacation – Meghan always enjoyed herself like a king, as these unknown photos prove. On it we see a duchess who is anything but stiff.

How differently Duchess Meghan presented herself in the past and which spicy snapshots are included, we show in the video above.

Meghan Markle returns to her roots

But maybe the old Meghan will come back to light after saying goodbye to royal existence? At least visually, the soon-to-be mom of two has changed since she left Great Britain: on her head. The sleek mane that she wore on Prince Harry’s side so often is a thing of the past. Instead, the Duchess of Sussex presented her new style at an appointment. And he can be seen. Or what do you mean?

We’ll tell you exactly what happened to Meghan’s hair in the video below.

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Meghan Markle photos exposed


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