Meghan’s “Suits” colleague Patrick Adams railed against Royals


In the British royal family, the events are currently overturning: The royal dropouts Meghan (39) and Harry (36) want to talk to talk legend Oprah Winfrey (67) about the past years of their lives, while the palace recently brought proceedings against allegations of bullying the former actress introduces. Now a former Suits colleague from Meghan even spoke up. Patrick J. Adams (39) took his ex-serial colleague under protection and railed against the royal family!

On Twitter The 39-year-old let his anger run wild and pulled off the leather in the process. In his eyes, it is completely obscene that the royal family supports unjustified allegations of bullying – and that during Meghan’s pregnancy. After all, the Duchess herself suffered and even had to flee the country to protect her family and her mental health. Patrick also described the royal family as an “irrelevant institution”, “outrageous” and “devoid of decency”. “Find someone else to admonish, insult and harassment. My girlfriend Meghan is not your league,” he concluded his rant.

And Patrick is not the first from Meghan’s “Suits” times to support her. The series maker Jon Cowan also spoke out in public for the 39-year-old after allegations of bullying. He always got to know her as a warm, friendly and caring person.

Duchess Meghan in February 2021

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Herzogin Meghan und Patrick J. Adams in “Suits”
Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle "Suits"

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Patrick J. Adams und Meghan Markle bei “Suits”

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Meghans Suits colleague Patrick Adams railed Royals


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