blocked – Now the Covid vaccination pass is wavering – and with it the freedom to travel this summer


Hackers uncover critical security gaps in electronic vaccination cards. Hundreds of thousands of patients are potentially affected. Now the state should register the vaccinated itself.

His spontaneous viewing flows out into a data scandal: Sven Fassbender, information security consultant.

Photo: Dominique Meienberg

It was one of those evenings. Pandemic outside. Boredom inside.

Sven Fassbender (32), Consultant for information security, sat at home in B├╝lach in front of his screen and chatted with a friend from Darmstadt, also a specialist in information security. They surfed the net a little bit together.

At some point Fassbender suggested that they take a closer look at the website for the electronic vaccination card in Switzerland. Fassbender himself had turned up some time ago registered. Even then, the platform made a dodgy impression on him. “Then we just had a look at it,” says Fassbender. (Read the detailed interview with the IT consultant here).

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Meineimpfungench blocked Covid vaccination pass wavering freedom travel summer


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