“Men in Black” demonstrate in Denmark against corona rules


Denmark wants to take tougher criminal law against corona rule breakers. Hundreds of people have now demonstrated against this. Apparently, many also do not want a planned Corona pass.

Hundreds of people demonstrated against the corona restrictions in Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen. The protest of the mostly young demonstrators on Saturday was largely peaceful, as a correspondent for the AFP news agency reported on site. The newspaper “Ekstrabladet” reported, citing the police, that one of the approximately 600 participants had been arrested for throwing fireworks at police officers.

The protest was organized by the group “Men in Black”, which is directed against the restrictions to contain the corona pandemic. The reason was a new order in criminal law to punish offenses related to the corona pandemic twice as harshly as otherwise provided.

Woman sentenced to two years in prison

On this basis, the sentence for a 30-year-old woman for gross disturbance of public order and violence against police officers at a “Men in Black” demonstration in January was increased from one to two years in prison in mid-March. The protesters on Saturday stopped in front of the prison where the woman is being held and shouted “Free Nanna”.

With chants like “Freedom for Denmark” and “Mette Ciao”, the demonstrators on their way to the town hall also called for an end to the Corona restrictions and the resignation of the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen. They also protested against the planned so-called Corona pass.

With an app, citizens are supposed to prove that they have tested negative for the novel coronavirus within the past 72 hours, have recently recovered from it or have received a corona vaccination in order to gain access to certain facilities and services. The government describes the Corona Pass as a central component of its opening strategy. However, critics fear a two-class society.

A partial lockdown has been in effect in Denmark since the end of December. The primary schools in the Scandinavian country were allowed to reopen in February, secondary schools are to resume classroom teaching at the beginning of April. Most of the non-essential shops were allowed to reopen in March, but bars and restaurants are still closed.

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Men Black demonstrate Denmark corona rules


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