Men should share salaries with their wives


Pop star Sarah Connor demands more equality between men and women. Even with finances, when women do the housework for their families.

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Sarah Connor can look back on a successful career in the music business. Even as a family person and mother, she always seems very satisfied with her life on social media. The “From Sarah with Love” interpreter is also aware that this is not the norm. In a guest post for “Die Zeit”, she demands that men share the income with their wives when their partners do the family work at home.

“Half of your available salary”

“As long as this work is not paid for by the state, working men should pay their wives, who manage their children and the household, half of their available wages,” writes the 40-year-old mother of four in her article for the weekly newspaper Advance registration on Wednesday.

In the case of divorce, there is a profit compensation, in which women are compensated for lost wages. “Why should there only be such a settlement in the event of a divorce? Wouldn’t it be more fair, it would become the standard in functioning marriages because the marriages would then work even better?” Asks Connor before International Women’s Day on Monday.

Sarah Connor has two children from the relationship with singer Marc Terenzi. After the divorce from Terenzi, she got together with her manager Florian Fischer. The two have been in a relationship since 2010 and have two children together. In 2017, Connor and Fischer tied the knot. The singer expresses again and again in touching Instagram posts her love for her husband.

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Men share salaries wives


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