Merkel invites detention – Kretschmann leaves the meeting


The Corona summit convened at short notice on Wednesday caused Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann to have scheduling problems. Because of this, he had to leave another session at short notice.

Actually, the state parliament regularly meets for special sessions after the federal-state switch, so that Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Greens) can explain the latest decisions in the fight against the pandemic to the parliamentarians and answer questions.

On Wednesday morning it was that time again. However, the head of government got into a tight schedule. Since the resolutions of the meeting of the country leaders with the Chancellor on Tuesday night met with massive criticism and left many questions unanswered, Angela Merkel (CDU) called again at short notice at the same time with the Prime Minister. There, the planned Easter rest was finally overturned.

Because he did not want to be represented in the Merkel register, Kretschmann had to leave the state parliament early. It was not all in the dry cloths yet, he justified the change in his schedule. But his deputy, Deputy Prime Minister Thomas Strobl (CDU), remains in parliament. And he assured the MPs: “I promise that I will read your minutes.”

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Merkel invites detention Kretschmann leaves meeting


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