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After massive criticism, Chancellor Merkel (CDU) decided to stop the decision on Easter rest. Thus Maundy Thursday and Holy Saturday are not days off in Rhineland-Palatinate either.

Several participants said that Angela Merkel was not thinking of resigning. The Chancellor informed the heads of government about her decision in the first few sentences of the switchboard. You have thanked for the short-term willingness to take another round. She then stated that she had decided in the morning not to initiate the regulations on Easter rest, but to stop them.

Criticism of ambiguities in the implementation of the Easter rest

Above all, displeasure was sparked by the fact that after the hours of corona consultations on Tuesday night, the implementation of central resolutions was still open. The dpa news agency learned that at first it was not considered to convene a new federal-state round at short notice. The corresponding point on Easter rest – point 4 – of the resolutions from early Tuesday morning will not be implemented.

Nevertheless, it was right to limit contacts individually as much as possible over Easter, it was said from the group. It is clear to everyone that further measures are required. The federal states should now make intensive use of the instruments from the additional measures in the resolution.

Further measures in the districts?

At this point it was said, among other things, in counties with a seven-day incidence of over 100 further steps would be implemented. This could include, in particular, an obligation to wear medical masks for passengers in private cars or exit restrictions.

Wissing welcomes the departure from Easter rest

The Rhineland-Palatinate Economics Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) has welcomed the decision by Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) to withdraw the regulation on a so-called Easter rest from Maundy Thursday to Easter Monday. “Admitting a wrong decision and taking it back deserves respect,” said Wissing. “However, the many mistakes made by the federal government undermine trust in its corona policy,” added Wissing. Whether during Easter rest, vaccinations or tests – the actions of the Merkel government are not convincing, criticized Wissing.

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Merkel stops decision Easter rest RhinelandPalatinate SWR Aktuell


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