Mick Schumacher convinces Haas in his debut in Bahrain qualifying


He bears the name Schumacher, he drives with the abbreviation “MSC”, he is 22 years old. The parallels between Michael and Mick Schumacher’s debut races are amazing. (Formula 1: Race in Bahrain on Sunday from 5 p.m. in the LIVETICKER)

When Schumacher junior drives his first Formula 1 GP on Sunday in Bahrain, it will be almost 30 years since his famous father completed his first Formula 1 meters in Spa, Belgium – also as an MSC and with a very young 22 years.

Mick can already overtake his father in the statistics of the first GP tomorrow. Because Schumacher senior only came 700 meters on August 25, 1991, then his clutch burned up. “That was my mistake,” remembers ex-team boss Eddie Jordan SPORT1. “I must have saved in the wrong place back then.”

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Mick Schumacher’s benchmark is 700 meters. “Of course I hope that I can make it through,” he says with a smile. “But you never know. A lot can happen at a Formula 1 start like this.” (All news about Formula 1)

Ralf Schumacher praises nephew Mick

Although his father’s outstanding seventh place in his first qualifying in the Jordan 191 (650 hp) did not come close to Schumi junior in Bahrain in his around 1000 hp Haas-Ferrari, but he still delivered in 19th place.

“It was his job to complete the laps flawlessly,” says his uncle Ralf Schumacher. “Mick did that twice, while his teammate (Nikita Mazepin; d. Ed.) Turned both times.” (The voices for qualifying)

Curious: right at the beginning of the timed practice, the abbreviation MSC was even at the top of the timesheet. The Geneva-born German was the first to burn a fast lap into the asphalt. “Unfortunately it was only short, but it was a nice moment,” Mick comments on the moment of repetitive history.

So he has already achieved his first victory in the qualifying duel – just like Michael in 1991 against the experienced driver Andrea de Cesaris. Eddie Jordan: “Michael took De Cesaris off for almost a second at the time. He studied Michael’s data and couldn’t explain where he got the speed from. Seventh place was like pole position for our young team.”

Schumacher dampens expectations

Schumacher junior remains realistic for racing Sunday. It is important to dampen expectations. Because although his Haas is the slowest car in the field, the media attention is many times greater than it was 30 years ago. His father put more pressure on himself than the public. It’s the other way around with the Junior.

“The clock is ticking,” even the headlines HE DOES. “I want to gain as much experience as possible and learn a lot – be it with the strategy, the pit stops, in a duel,” Mick practices expectation management. He was “basically happy with the car” and wanted to “go to bed early” after the meetings. (SERVICE: driver standings)

Alone: ​​The approach has to be different from his Formula 2 races, where he fought for the title and victories. Schumacher’s greatest challenge at his premier in the premier class is the lapping by the top drivers who are more than two seconds faster.

“My mindset is still the same as always,” he admits. “I want to do my best.”

So much Michael Schumacher rides with Mick:

The abbreviation “MSC”

Schumacher junior chose the three letters because they “have an emotional meaning for me”. In Formula 2 he still drove with “SCH”. Now he’s changing to his famous father’s Formula 1 code name. A move with a signal effect.

The starting number 47

It is also a homage to Michael Schumacher. If you read it in English, it reads “four seven”. Translated, this also means: “For the 7”. Schumi junior explains on his website: “My favorite number is 4. The 7 stands for my father. It is the number he always chose, not least because it is the number of his world championship titles. The 4 and the 7 taken together results in a unity or a connection between the two of us. ”

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The helmet

Helmet designer Jens Munser, who already painted Michael Schumacher’s helmets and also designed Sebastian Vettel’s, is also responsible for Mick Schumacher’s Schuberth head protection. On the current helmet there is on the one hand the Schumacher dragon, which Michael made his trademark, and on the other hand the seven stars that also adorned the helmet roof of the record champion.

The manager

Sabine Kehm has been at Michael Schumacher’s side since 2000 – initially as press spokeswoman, and since 2010 as manager. In the meantime, she also takes care of her son, regulates the huge media onslaught and makes contacts with sponsors such as Deutsche Vermögensberatung, which already supported Michael Schumacher.

The trainer

Kai Schnapka is always in the slipstream of Mick Schumacher. Born in Leipzig, the Sportklinik Bad Nauheim put Michael Schumacher at his side during his Mercedes years. Today he doesn’t leave Mick’s side, keeps him mentally and physically in top shape.

This becomes particularly important in the race when Mick Schumacher wants to take a little more than 300 kilometers under the wheels. The checkered flag should feel like a victory for him.

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Mick Schumacher convinces Haas debut Bahrain qualifying


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