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Mickie Krause shows a serious side of himself


Ballermann singer with depth: Mickie Krause masters the challenge of rumba

Ballermann singer Mickie Krause (50) is actually known as a crazy joker. The 50-year-old is up for any joke and always spreads lightness and a good mood. He recently proved that with “Let’s Dance” when he gave out a round of schnapps for the jury. But Mickie can also be very different! In the third live show he proved this together with dance partner Malika Dzumaev over a soulful rumba. The entertainer believes that this previously unknown, serious side of him could be the reason for making it to the next round. You can find his explanation in the video.

Serious & fun – the right mix makes it

It seems as if Mickie put down a piece of his inner clown when he took off his sunglasses. “Let’s Dance” is an entertainment show, but it takes tough discipline and hard work to convince the jury and the audience. But Mickie seems to understand this mentality better from week to week: He has steadily improved since week 1. This is also noticed by Malika, who comments on Mickie’s performance in the video.

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Mickie Krause shows side


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