Microsoft is planning a big change for the taskbar


Microsoft regularly delivers updates for Windows 10. Such an update should change the system significantly in the future – and users in particular could be happy if their Windows 10 freezes once.

Microsoft is currently working on separating the taskbar from the Explorer.exe process. This is reported by the specialist medium “Windows Latest”. Windows expert Albacore also reported the change on Twitter:

The change was discovered in the preview build for Windows 10 version 21H2 – this is the version that will probably be released this fall.

What the change means for users

The Explorer.exe is the process to which the taskbar and the file explorer are assigned. Pretty much everything you see on the desktop runs under this service.

When Explorer.exe crashes, users can hardly do anything on the screen. For example, this can happen if you are copying a file and there is a problem with it. In most cases, users can only restart the computer. Another solution can be to open the task manager and end the process manually. How it works, read here.

In the future, however, the taskbar is to have its own process in the form of “taskbar.dll”. If the taskbar is decoupled from the Explorer, users can save a system restart or using the task manager. Because then it may be possible to end the frozen process with just a few clicks of the mouse on the desktop.

The change could also make the taskbar run smoother in the future. So far, Microsoft has only decoupled parts of the taskbar from Explorer in its test version for Insiders. When the whole program gets its own process is unknown.

How can I access Windows updates earlier?

If you want to test new versions of Windows 10 in advance, you can register as a Windows Insider. How it works, read here.

Windows insiders get earlier access to future updates, but must also grant Microsoft extensive access to information about their system. For example, the privacy settings must be configured accordingly in order to enable a system diagnosis.

And: Trial versions of Windows can be unstable. Important data can be lost due to errors. If you want to install a preliminary version of Windows on your computer, you should back up your data beforehand.

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Microsoft planning big change taskbar


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