Military chiefs from 12 countries condemn shots fired at protesters in Myanmar


In a joint statement, high-ranking military officials from twelve countries spoke out against the violence in Myanmar. Germany is also one of the signatories.

The military chiefs of a dozen countries, including the US and Germany, have jointly condemned the violence of the military junta in Myanmar against civilians. “A professional military follows international standards of conduct and is responsible for protecting – not harming – the people it serves,” said the unusual joint statement published on Sunday, which also included Great Britain, Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Australia and New Zealand participated.

The military chiefs called on the Myanmar army to “stop the violence and work to restore the respect and credibility among Myanmar’s people whom they have lost through their actions”.

On Saturday, Army Day in Myanmar with a military parade, nearly 90 people were killed by security forces, the local Political Prisoners Organization (AAPP) said. It was the bloodiest day of protests against military rule in the Southeast Asian country to date. According to the United Nations, children were also among the victims.

Since the military coup on February 1, the junta in Myanmar has faced massive and brutal protests. More than 2,600 demonstrators have been arrested since the protests began, with a total of nearly 420 people killed, according to local human rights activists. The demonstrators are demanding, among other things, the release of the disempowered de facto head of government Aung San Suu Kyi and a return to democracy.

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Military chiefs countries condemn shots fired protesters Myanmar


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