Mineral water on call: Attention! Glass splinters discovered in bottles – internal injuries threaten


There is currently an urgent recall for mineral water: According to the manufacturer, some bottles may contain glass fragments – there is a health risk. (Symbol image)

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An urgent recall has been launched for a mineral water: shards of glass have been discovered in some bottles – they can cause dangerous internal bleeding.

Kassel – consumers beware: glass fragments have been discovered in some bottles of mineral water from the manufacturer Eifel-Quelle. An urgent recall * has therefore been launched – dangerous internal injuries can occur if consumed.

The recall affects the Eifel-Quelle Classic mineral water in the 0.75 liter glass bottle with the best-before dates 09.02.24, 1 p.m., until 09.02.24, 16:40.

Recall of mineral water: Do not drink under any circumstances – there is a health risk

The manufacturer is based in Brohl-Lützing in the Ahrweiler district (Rhineland-Palatinate). The mineral water affected by the recall is a preferred choice, especially in the Rhineland, as merkur.de * reports. The recall was published in the consumer portal produktwarnung.eu, among others. There it says that consumers should never consume the contents of the bottles they have purchased and should return the affected product from the Eifel source in stores. In addition, the consumer portal assesses the manufacturer’s recall as insufficient: “This does not guarantee that as many end users as possible receive this information.”

Further current recalls can be found on the topic page at hna.de *.

The portal Produktwarnung.eu urgently recommends customers not to consume the mineral water affected by the recall and to return it to the points of sale. Broken glass or components of glass, such as the possible glass splinters in the bottles specified by the Eifel source, could lead to serious injuries in the oropharynx, according to produktwarnung.eu, and there is also a risk of internal bleeding.

Recall of mineral water: This variety is affected

Only the mineral water bottles with the stated best-before dates are affected by the recall, other mineral water bottles from Eifel-Quelle can be consumed without hesitation. This is the product affected by the recall:

Recall of mineral water
Manufacturer: Eifel source
Sort: Classic
Glass bottle: 0,75 Liter
Best before dates: 02/09/24, 1 p.m., to 02/09/24, 4:40 p.m.

Customers are advised to return the bottles of mineral water affected by the recall to the respective sales point. The following federal states are affected by the recall: Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia.

The Eifel-Quelle Classic mineral water is affected by an urgent recall: splinters of glass were discovered in some bottles.

© Screenshot: produktwarnung.eu

It was only in January that a water manufacturer started a nationwide recall for its product – a substance in the water was present in too high a concentration, so that a health risk could not be ruled out. (Diana Rissmann) * hna.de and merkur.de are offers from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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Mineral water call Attention Glass splinters discovered bottles internal injuries threaten


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