Mittelland – This is how Corona affects the Spitex Rotbachtal



This is how Corona affects the Spitex Rotbachtal

Closed hospitals, Covid-19 cases: The Spitex organization in the Mittelland faced some challenges in 2020. The financial impact of the pandemic is still limited.

After the outbreak of the corona pandemic, the procedures and processes at Spitex Rotbachtal had to be adjusted.

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Andy Winkler from Gais is President of Spitex Rotbachtal.

Andy Winkler from Gais is President of Spitex Rotbachtal.

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The corona crisis had a major impact on the activities of Spitex Rotbachtal in 2020 – in several ways. From March 2020, after the outbreak of the pandemic, the structures and processes would have had to be constantly adjusted, writes President Andy Winkler in his annual report. The Spitex employees have also taken on an additional task by testing suspected cases for Covid-19 in older and non-mobile people at home.

During the first lockdown in spring, there were no positive cases in the Spitex organization in the Mittelland. It was completely different in the second half of the year. In the second shutdown in autumn and winter, Spitex Rotbachtal recorded around 300 hours of downtime among employees due to isolation and quarantine.

Declining income due to closures

The partial closure of hospitals and rehabilitation clinics also made itself felt in the business result. As a result, fewer customers have been assigned to Spitex, which has had a negative impact on earnings. The number of hours worked by patients has fallen by 360 to 11,970. On the other hand, there was an increase in the internal hours that had to be remunerated compared to 2019 due to accidents, illnesses, maternity and Covid cases. Fortunately, the personnel expenses could have been reduced, it says in the annual report. As a result, the deviations in the remaining costs by the participating municipalities of Teufen, Bühler and Gais were moderate.

In his presidential review of the year, Andy Winkler thought about how the immediate existence in the health system could have a higher priority again for the weaker than a complicated and lengthy bureaucracy. In his opinion, this could become a reality thanks to the electronic patient files. According to Winkler, it would also be helpful if general practitioners, hospitals, Spitex and nursing homes would use the same billing system. The Spitex President is convinced that this could avoid cumbersome billing with insurance companies and bureaucratic cantonal and communal requirements. If this were done seriously, the nursing profession could be upgraded and the employees could take care of the patients more, writes Winkler.

All board members are standing for re-election

As in 2019, this year’s general meeting will also be held in writing. It will take place on March 27th. The board stands for re-election. In addition to Andy Winkler (Gais), the committee consists of Fredy Mettler (Gais), Walter zahner (Gais), Hanspeter Michel (Teufen) and Jeannine Walser (Bühler).

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Mittelland Corona affects Spitex Rotbachtal


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