“Money was always an issue”: Sarah Connor talks about home


Sarah Connor (40) is not only one of the biggest pop stars in Germany, she is also a mother of four. The balancing act between her career and being a mom is a tough test, but her financial independence is extremely important to the musician – after all, the topic of money was omnipresent in her own childhood and apparently not always pleasant. Because now the singer spoke about how her parents shaped her attitude today.

The 40-year-old is now aware that her mother has achieved fantastic things as a full-time mom, said Sarah in an interview with Colorful. The artist sees giving up her financial independence and an immense part of self-determination as the greatest sacrifice a woman can make today. “As long as I can remember, money has always been an issue. Gifts, household money, money for a visit to the hairdresser – my parents kept arguing about it.”the blonde remembered. Her father always accused her mother of wasting money and never saw his work as sufficiently valued.

That’s why I got Sarah vowed never to become financially dependent on a man, even though she knows the downsides of a working mother. The pop star knows what it feels like to miss important moments: “The guilty conscience of not being the picture-perfect mom with an apron and cake who is at home every afternoon”she described her doubts.

Tyler Terenzi with mom Sarah Connor
Sarah Connor, singer
Sarah Connor and her daughter Summer Antonia Soraya Terenzi in June 2020

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Money issue Sarah Connor talks home


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