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Upper Austria. Additional vaccination deliveries from BioNTech / Pfizer will enable the state of Upper Austria to double the first vaccinations in Upper Austria next week. The 79-year-olds are now also starting. Additional Moderna vaccine also makes it possible to move forward faster than planned in the area of ​​handicapped people. The National Vaccination Board (NIG) meanwhile approved AstraZeneca for people over 65 years of age on Friday.

As of March 5th, 129,555 vaccinations were carried out in Upper Austria, 46.8 percent of the vaccination doses were given to people over 75 years of age. Almost 20,000 first vaccinations were carried out in calendar weeks 8 and 9. Next week that will double due to additional vaccine deliveries.

“With an additional delivery of the BioNTech / Pfizer vaccine, 9,342 more people than planned can now be offered a vaccination”, announced the state of Upper Austria. A total of 17,387 appointments for a primary vaccination for the older population can be assigned in the coming week.

The agreements for appointments for those over 80 years old who are still outstanding are currently in progress, with the additional delivery the country is now starting to allocate appointments for 79 year olds who are up for a vaccination have registered in advance. There will also be an offer for a further 6,228 high-risk patients, as well as their relatives, in the coming week.

“For our older compatriots in particular, it is particularly important to get protection through a vaccination as quickly as possible. With the start of being able to invite 79-year-olds and vaccinating other high-risk patients, we are taking another big step. If we can protect them as quickly as possible, that also means relieving the burden on the health system, ”emphasizes the responsible health officer, LH deputy Christine Haberlander

Faster vaccinations also in the social area

In the social sector, vaccination is also taking place at the moment, in the first of a total of 17 vaccination centers set up by the state’s social department in cooperation with the institutions in the handicapped sector, the first people with disabilities were vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine starting on March 3.

In the first round of vaccination, the offer is primarily aimed at people who have a fully supervised residential facility according to Upper Austria. Take advantage of the Equal Opportunities Act, but the first customers from the ability-oriented activity have already been immunized.

The vaccination quota for the employees of the facilities is currently 45 percent, registrations for vaccinations are still possible. “We appeal to the employees to accept the vaccination offer, because the vaccination makes a fundamental contribution to the protection against a serious Covid-19 disease,” emphasize Haberlander and Minister for Social Affairs Birgit Gerstorfer.

With additional deliveries of Moderna cans, more people can now be vaccinated than planned. In the second round, people in partially supervised residential facilities, in the area of ​​mobile help and care, sheltered work and professional qualifications are planned.

Second round in old people’s homes

It will also be possible to take into account people who have not yet decided on a vaccination in the first round, but who now want to. The same applies to employees in retirement and nursing homes. Corresponding registration information has been sent to the 135 nursing home locations in Upper Austria.

Registration for vaccinations for employees in the field of homeless assistance – for example in emergency sleeping places – has also started. The vaccinations are planned for calendar weeks 10 and 11.

Register for vaccination

If you want to get a vaccination against Corona, I have to Register online in advanceto be informed and to receive an “invitation” to an appointment. “Even for those who have not yet registered and fall into one of the groups that have already been vaccinated or the vaccination has already started, can register at any time and receive an invitation at the next opportunity,” emphasizes Haberlander. As of March 5th, 221,635 people are registered.

AstraZeneca now also for older people

Meanwhile, the National Vaccination Committee on Friday spoke out in favor of using AstraZeneca’s corona vaccine without an upper age limit – and therefore also for all people over 65 years of age and high-risk people. Originally, the vaccine was only recommended up to the age of 64, as there was still too little data on its effect in older people. New data from large application studies are now available. Medical doctor Bernd Lamprecht, director of the clinic for lung medicine at the Kepler University Hospital, emphasizes that the study data confirm an excellent effect even in the age group 65 and over.

Chancellor Sebastian said briefly on Friday on the sidelines of a press conference that the new recommendation would help to achieve the goal of vaccinating the particularly endangered elderly troops as quickly as possible and relieving the burden on the health system. A conference between the Ministry of Health and the federal states is scheduled for Friday to ensure rapid implementation.

However, the approval will currently not change much at the Impflan in Upper Austria, explains Provincial Councilor Haberlander: “That gives us more flexibility in the use of vaccines. In Upper Austria, almost 46 percent of all first vaccinations were given to people over the age of 75. This means that Upper Austria is among the leaders in a nationwide comparison. Since Upper Austria has already embarked on this path and the preparations and implementation steps for the vaccinations are well advanced, no major changes are required in the planning of Upper Austria until Easter. “

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