More than six more games in the works with Square Enix


The partnership between Xbox Game Pass and Square Enix continues, bringing at least six more games.
According to reports from IGN-Korea, which had the opportunity to speak to Square Enix officials, at least six more games are planned for Xbox Game Pass in the near future. It is an open secret that at least two games will also end up in Xbox Game Pass at the time of publication.

IGN Korea: “More Square Enix titles will be added to Xbox Game Pass in the future. It is an open secret in the industry that more than six Square Enix games have been confirmed and aligned with the release schedule. “

Further details are not known at the moment. Already tonight, however, the [email protected] more games to be revealed for Xbox Game Pass. In addition, Octopath Traveler for Xbox was released yesterday, which is also offered in the Xbox Game Pass.

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