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Moritz discovers Laura’s secret


Will Moritz’s revenge on Laura now follow?

Laura (Chryssanthi Kavazi) is pregnant and her ex Felix (Thaddäus Meilinger) is the father. At least that’s what she says in front of her family. But her half-brother Moritz (Lennart Borchert) is suspicious. He knows Laura well enough to know that she is up to something. So he sniffs after her and finds documents from a fertility clinic in Greece. So his sister let herself be artificially fertilized and wants to pass the child on to Felix. Moritz now has something in hand against Laura. Will he now take revenge on him for the intrigue? … We show the confrontation in the video.

The second and third part with GZSZ actor Patrick Heinrich couldn You can also see them here – just scroll down.

Sunny lets Toni down

Toni (Olivia Marei) wants to take part in a cross-country run with Sunny (Valentina Pahde) to distract herself from her lovesickness. But Sunny doesn’t like the idea of ​​mud, worms and cold. Therefore, she looks for a way to escape the situation and feigns injury. Nihat (Timur Ülker) also wants to take part in the obstacle course with Paul (Niklas Osterloh). But Paul also has an excuse ready … We show more in the second part of the weekly preview.

Melanie remembers again!

Tobias (Jan Kittmann) and Katrin (Ulrike Frank) are just getting closer, then memories of Tobias’ wife Melanie (Diana Staehly), who was in a coma for eight years, come back. The joy is great, but what does that mean for Katrin? … What exactly is happening is shown in the third part of the weekly preview.

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Moritz discovers Lauras secret


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