Mother and child shot in car: murder alarm in Lower Austria


A group of strollers in Mistelbach in Lower Austria made a terrible discovery on Sunday afternoon: two bodies were lying in a car that had been parked behind several trees. According to police, it is a 29-year-old woman and her four-year-old daughter.

The red car was parked on a dirt road in a windbreak belt near the village of Wilfersdorf. The woman and girl had gunshot wounds. According to police spokesman Raimund Schwaigerlehner, the two were apparently targeted once. Initially, it was not 100 percent certain that it was a violent crime. “The investigations are going in this direction,” said Schwaigerlehner. A weapon was not found.

Mother and child shot in car: murder alarm in Lower Austria

The bodies were in this car.

Image: APA

Cobra at the ex-partner’s house

The State Criminal Police Office of Lower Austria, which took over the investigation, initiated a large-scale manhunt for the owner of the vehicle. “The crime scene group is on site, there are surveys in the vicinity of the victims,” ​​says Schwaigerlehner.

The focus was on the woman’s 59-year-old ex-partner, whom the investigators were initially unable to find. The employee is likely to have switched off his cell phone, he was not found in his apartment in Mistelbach. According to the police spokesman, it was initially unclear whether the man was related to the alleged act of violence.

The Cobra was also in use. In the event that the wanted man comes home, Cobra officials had posted at his home address. In the late afternoon, the investigation shifted to Horn. According to the police spokesman, there were indications that the man was there. Shortly after 7 p.m., the police reported that the man had turned himself in there. He is said to have previously threatened to shoot himself.

If it is confirmed that the woman and the girl were murdered, it will be the sixth violent crime against women in Austria this year. In the previous year, 24 women were victims of fatal violent crimes, in 2019 it was 39 according to police crime statistics, and a year earlier even 41. An average of three women would be murdered in Austria every month, calculates the Association of Autonomous Austrian Women’s Shelters. Many of the perpetrators came from the victims’ family background.

According to a Europe-wide survey, every fifth woman from the age of 15 is exposed to physical and / or sexual violence.



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Mother child shot car murder alarm Austria


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