Mother gives update on the condition of Alphonso Williams’ son


In 2019, DSDS winner Alphonso Williams succumbed to cancer at the age of 57. Now his family is worried about their son Raphael. A tumor was discovered in the 34-year-old’s chest. Mother Manuela tells how he is.

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Raphael Williams, son of the late American Idol winner Alphonso Williams, was hospitalized with a suspected heart attack. His condition has worsened and he was admitted to the intensive care unit for 22 days. Two weeks ago, the doctors found a supposed tumor in his chest area. There is now new knowledge about this, reported Raphael’s mother Manuela Williams in an interview with RTL. She also shared the current state of health of the 34-year-old.

The widow of Alphonso Williams, who died of complications from prostate cancer on October 12, 2019, told the broadcaster that Raphael’s diagnosis gave the family a sigh of relief because he did not have cancer. “Thank God the doctors have ruled out that the tumor under the breastbone is malignant,” said Manuela Williams. “They also assume that it is not a tumor, but an IgG4-associated disease.”

“Raphael tells me he’s running towards death”

This is a rare autoimmune disease that “can appear in any organ” and “pretend tumors,” said Williams. The problem: “This disease is so rare that there is still no real treatment method.” There are no controlled studies, not even possible triggers are known. “Raphael tells me he’s running towards death,” said Manuela Williams.

Raphael is very weak, his mother said: “He has a lot of water in his body, it looks like 20 kilos to me. The water pushes from the inside out through the skin. He is completely swollen on one side. Above all else the chest and stomach area. And also the legs, which are now twice as thick. ” According to the worried mother, his appearance has changed a lot within a month. Now the doctors are “desperately looking for a special clinic for Raphael Williams.”

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Mother update condition Alphonso Williams son


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